If you could name the first city on Mars, What would you name it?

If you could name the first city on Mars, What would you name it

The world is full of possibilities that spark our imaginations. For example, imagine a thriving city on Mars, a new home for humanity among the stars. What would you name it?

That question was recently asked on the ASK REDDIT subreddit: “If you could name the first city on Mars, what would you name it?” The exciting question generated a variety of imaginative responses from Redditors. Let’s see what Redditors’ ideas are as the name for the first city on Mars.  

Springfield just to confuse everyone

Imagine naming the first city on Mars after a fictional town from a beloved animated series. This humorous answer shows that even in space, a touch of playfulness can make us feel at home.


Ray Bradbury, the legendary science fiction writer, has long been associated with Mars. Naming the city after him pays tribute to his work and the role it played in inspiring Mars exploration.

Newest England, and it’ll have a bar called Mars Bar

The nostalgia of New England is combined with a Martian twist in this particular response. It shows the human need for familiarity and comfort, even on a new frontier.

Constantinople. I mean, it’s not in use anymore.

A nod to history, this answer reminds us of the countless civilizations that have risen and fallen on Earth. It invites us to consider the legacy we’ll leave on Mars.


This answer is inspired by history and Roman mythology; it makes us wonder about the significance that name has for a Martian city, connecting it to its earthly counterpart.

Marsy McMarsFace

A playful reference to the “Namey McNameFace” trend, this answer reflects how humor often accompanies human exploration. 

New New York

Building on the legacy of New York City, this answer highlights the potential for continuity between Earth and Mars. At the same time, sparking thoughts about cultural influences in a Martian city.

Gary, Indiana

A surprising choice, this answer challenges conventional naming choices and opens up discussions about diversity in space colonization.

Mars City

This simple answer makes us question whether we should choose practicality over creativity when naming a Mars city.


This minimalist response may seem humorous, but it prompts us to consider the crucial aspects of civilization and what the definition of a city is.

Whether it’s a reference to history, a playful joke, or a tribute to a visionary author, these answers show that our curiosity has no bounds, even beyond the stars. So, what would you name the first city on Mars?

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