What fact is common knowledge in your field, but almost unknown to the rest of the population?

What fact is common knowledge in your field, but almost unknown to the rest of the population?

Have you ever wondered what can be a simple truth you don’t know? We got your back. Not long ago, a Redditor asked an interesting question: “What’s common knowledge in your field but a mystery to the rest of us?” We going to take a look at responses from the Ask Reddit community to uncover some hidden truths. 

These are the things that specialists in different areas know, but most people don’t. Let’s explore the secrets that often slip under the radar.

Elevator Safety Insights

Ever wondered what happens during an elevator breakdown? Well, it won’t crash down. Elevators are designed with counterweights that keep them from plummeting.

Explosive Sensitivity

Most of the explosive’s sensitivity to shock varies. Powerful explosives are often quite insensitive to shock, so you need something more delicate to set them off.

Excel’s Role

You might not think about it, but Microsoft Excel is a powerhouse in various industries. It’s the go-to tool for data management and analysis.

Fracture vs. Broken

Medical folks sometimes argue about the terms “fractured” and “broken.” To patients, it may seem like a big deal, but it’s mostly a matter of wording.

Concrete vs. Cement

While people often mix up the terms, cement and concrete aren’t the same. Cement is a crucial ingredient in concrete, which includes other stuff like sand, water, and aggregates.

Emotion-Driven Decisions

Did you know emotions play a massive role in decision-making? Most choices are made based on how we feel, and then we find reasons to support our decisions.

Human Weakness in Tech

When it comes to technology, humans are often the weakest link. Nearly all technology breaches involve human errors or oversights. It’s why cybersecurity is such a big deal.


In our information-packed world, it’s easy to overlook the less-known truths that experts take for granted. As we conclude our journey through Reddit’s insights, feel free to share your own hidden knowledge or thoughts in the comments. After all, curiosity keeps us on the lookout for the intriguing secrets that make our world more captivating.