Music giant Spotify is diving further into artificial intelligence. After rolling out an AI-based DJ, they’re now exploring a feature that crafts playlists from user prompts.

This “AI Playlist” buzz started with Chris Messina, a notable product designer and the creator of the hashtag. He spotted hints of this feature in Spotify’s system. Some believe it could be akin to popular platforms like ChatGPT. Pairing this with “Spotify Blend” might offer users an exciting way to combine their music tastes using AI.

In other updates, Spotify might soon offer song lyrics exclusively for premium users. Their AI DJ, known for playful song comments, will soon be available to English listeners worldwide. This AI touch came after Spotify acquired Sonatic, a leader in AI voices.

Previously, Spotify launched “Niche Mixes.” Here, users could input a mood, add “mix”, and get a playlist to match. But these were not AI-backed; they leaned on Spotify’s unique personalization tech.

Asked about these AI innovations, Spotify replied, “We always aim to improve our product,” without diving into specifics.

As AI shapes various industries, Spotify’s move signals its ambition to offer an evolved music experience for its users.

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