Are you looking for a way to track someone by using their phone number? Well, the internet is full of phone tracking apps that might help you. However, you and I both know that most of these apps are absolute junk.

No need to lose hope, though. Here, we will provide you with an excellent article to spy for Android and iOS devices. This guide will give you a complete insight into what you should go for when you want to track someone.

To do this, we will review one of the new age tracker tools and see how it works. So, let’s get to it.

Introducing Minspy

When it comes to tracking, there are many options out there for you to try out. However, since phones hold confidential data, you must go for a reliable solution. Minspy is one such app that offers just that.

Minspy is a secret phone number tracker that gives you the live location of a person. With just their phone number, you can know where exactly the person is at any time. Minspy can track someone without them having any idea that they are being watched.

It has been in the market for some time now and has served millions of customers globally. That is not all. It is also a perfectly legal app to use and is highly reliable and user-friendly.

Without keeping you waiting, let us see how Minspy works.

How to Use Minspy

In this part, we will witness how the app works on different devices. First, it is good to note that with Minspy, you will be working with a cross-platform application. Minspy offers its services to Android and iOS devices without either rooting or jailbreaking the target’s phone.

If you are thinking of using it on an iOS device, the solution is fully cloud-based. This means that there is no need to install anything on the target device. All you have to do is verify the iCloud credentials of the target’s phone with Minspy.

For Android devices, installation of a lightweight application is necessary. It is crucial to know that the installation of software is mandatory due to the architecture of the Android operating system. So beware of websites that claim to track without installing an app.

Minspy’s Android application will take only 5 minutes to install and only consumes 2MB of memory space. It also does not drain your target phone’s battery at all, making detection complicated. The best part is that you can quickly uninstall it remotely when you are done using the app.

Once the setup is complete, you will get to view the results via an online dashboard on your account. Its interface is simple, and you won’t need to be a tech pro to operate it. What is more? It is compatible with all browsers, and thus you do not need to install any app on your phone.

Minspy also takes advantage of the stealth technology in its operation that makes it work under the hood. In Android devices, this is achieved by automatically deleting the app icon from the home screen. The app thus runs in the background without any notifications.

In iOS devices, there is no download needed, which makes it impossible to detect.

If you consider using Minspy, you are assured that you will be working with an intrinsically secure solution. Minspy app does not store any of the data on its servers. Therefore, even its employees cannot access or misuse your valuable personal data.

Now that you know how the app works let us see some of the features that can be helpful in tracking.

Minspy as a Powerful Tracker Tool

In general, Minspy offers more than 30 proficient features. Here are some of the features that you might find helpful in tracking once logged into your account:

Location Tracking

By using this feature, you can follow the target in real-time. Minspy uses GPS and WiFi data to give you the present and past locations of the target. Addresses and timestamps also back up location entries and exits.

This tells you exactly when the person entered a particular location and at what time.

Geofence Alerts

Do you want to know when the target goes or leaves certain places? The Geofencing feature will help you with that. This feature allows you to define boundaries and receive real-time alerts whenever these lines are crossed.

SIM Tracking

This feature shows you the location of the SIM Card of the target. By knowing the location of the SIM Card, you will see the target’s location. This specification will notify you when there has been a SIM swap on the phone and tracks the new SIM Card.

Where Can You Apply the Information You Get

Every individual has their share of reasons and problems that may make them decide to track someone. It is our responsibility to discuss some of the cases that may prompt one to consider tracking.

Child Monitoring

Children don’t appreciate their parents keeping an eye on them. Therefore, tracking their phone location without them knowing is very useful if you are a protective parent. With an application like Minspy, you can keep tabs on their activities 24/7.

Employee Supervision

If you are an employer, you need to know the movement of your employees, especially how to track outside sales reps. Minspy can also help you see where an employee is when he or she fails to come to work.

Spouse Monitoring

New age relationships are full of suspicions and strains. If you notice your partner acting strangely, a tool to track can help you discover their motives. With Minspy, you can see your spouse’s phone activities remotely and at any time.


As we have seen, the answer to how you can track someone by phone number is more straightforward than you’d expect. All you need is a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-install app like Minspy. It will help you keep your eyes on someone without your presence being felt.

Minspy is an economic tracker tool that is simple to set up. The app is legal, and therefore you shall not be landing in any legal troubles because the application is recognized.

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