Qualities You Need to Look For in a Password Manager

What is a password manager? A password manager is a program that helps you store all your passwords in one place. You can then use the same login for different websites without separately remembering each website’s username and password. Password managers are beneficial because they help you avoid forgetting passwords and prevent hackers from stealing them. Here are some of the qualities you should look for when choosing your next password manager.

  1. Quick Access 

Since you want all your passwords at hand whenever and wherever you need them, the program must be accessible anywhere. That way, if someone tries to log into one of your accounts while you’re away, you’ll be able to catch it right away and change your password before any damage is done.

  1. White Label 

A white label manager is a password manager that you can re-brand with your logo and name. It is an excellent option if you want to offer password management services to your clients. Many providers offer white label password manager, so it’s easy to find one with the features you want. This type of password manager is a good option for businesses with multiple clients and needs an affordable way to secure access to their accounts. This kind of service can be helpful if your company deals with sensitive data.

  1. Easy to Use

The password manager must be easy to use, especially if you’re not very tech-savvy. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up just using the same old passwords instead of taking advantage of all the benefits a password manager has to offer.

Although it’s unnecessary, a password manager that can sync across multiple devices is a bonus. You never know when you’ll need access to your passwords on another device, and if they’re all in one place, it will make accessing them much easier for you.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication Capabilities 

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is an extra layer of security that helps protect your accounts even if someone manages to steal your password. It works by requiring you to enter a unique code usually sent to your phone in addition to your regular login information to gain access. Not all password managers have this feature, but it’s something to look for if you want a secure password manager.

If someone manages to get access to your password through any means, they could log in to many different systems using your account, since most websites don’t have any other way of identifying you as the right person. With MFA multi-factor authentication, that’s much more difficult. If someone steals your password and tries to log in somewhere else, they won’t be able to because they don’t have the second factor and can’t confirm their identity.

  1. Strong Encryption Method

The password manager you choose also needs to use good security measures, including data encryption and two-factor authentication if available. If the program isn’t able to keep your passwords safe, then what’s the point of using one in the first place? You’ll be better off keeping all your passwords written down in a safe somewhere. 

  1. Affordability

To be safe, you want to make sure your password manager is affordable. It would be best never to let cost be the deciding factor when choosing a program, but it’s certainly something that needs consideration. If you can’t afford one or don’t think they’re worth the money in general, then stick with keeping all of your passwords written down and locked away somewhere safe.

There are a lot of different qualities to look for in a password manager. But the ones listed above are some of the most important. By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to choose the best program for your needs and feel confident that your passwords are safe and secure.