Bitdefender Free Antivirus

If you need simple antivirus software to protect your system from virus attacks, then Bitdefender’s Free Edition is there. The free antivirus edition offers a range of features that make your computing life more secure.

There comes a time when you need just a simple scanner tool to scan for potential viruses and malware present on your computer system. If you go with the premium security software, then you will have to buy their pro version.

The free edition comes with an instant scanner tool. The instant scanner tool scans your entire system in a few minutes. The software also protects your system from malware and virus attacks by sending you a notification or alert message.

What’s inside the Free Antivirus?

Bitdefender is the most trusted name in the industry with a range of antivirus tools and software for all types of computer users and mobile devices. This free edition carries out the same set of features to protect your system. It is designed with the same algorithm that the company offers in their paid versions. So yes, you can expect good performance from this antivirus without paying anything.

The in-built web-filter tool protects your system from virus attacks and malicious activities. Once the tool is installed, it will start monitoring your system. The software always runs in the background. When something odd is noticed, it will send you an alert message as a pop-up notification.

Moreover, this simple scanner tool protects your system from phishing and spam. This secuirty company also lets you convert your existing plan to a premium one that gives you a set of extra security tools. If you want more security of your system, then you should go with the other editions of this software.

Their internet security suite is a good choice for those who work on the web. This security tool protects your web activities as well as your computer system from all types of viruses and malware attacks. It also blocks spam and makes your web-surfing more reliable and smooth.

Free Antivirus Features

Quick Scan

The software comes with an instant scanning feature. The in-built Quick Scan tool allows users to scan for the malware and virus-infected files on your computer system. The instant System Scan tool keeps your system up to date. You can customize this instant scan feature by enabling its toggle button.

Smooth Performance

Unlike other security software, this free edition runs smoothly on your computer system. According to a recent study, their free edition is far superior to other free antivirus software.

Many security software providers claim that their software is good. But in reality, they are not as effective as their more expensive offerings. However, talking about this free antivirus, it quickly scans for viruses and malicious files. It gives you 100% protection against malicious activities and virus attacks while surfing the web.

No Configuration Required

Being a simple virus scanner tool, this edition of the security software requires no special settings. The best thing about this software is it doesn’t require any configuration. You don’t need to set up things as it works smoothly and comes with a ready-to-use functionality.

Advanced Protection against Phishing

Phishing is a popular cybercrime technique that most hackers use to steal data from your computer systems. Hackers make use of email marketing or text marketing for that. This software protects your system from Phishing attacks by blocking down the irrelevant URLs and pop-up notifications.

Built-in Anti-Fraud Tool

Many frauds are active on the web. They trick you and steal money from your accounts easily using all sorts of ingenious techniques. The built-in anti-fraud tool protects you from accessing such websites. The advanced filtering system of this software detects such websites and prevents you from visiting them by sending you a warning message on the screen.


This freeware antivirus is compatible with all types of computer systems. This antivirus software is available for Mac and Windows Computer systems. Besides this, Android users can also download and install this software as it is available for the Android Mobile Operating System absolutely free of cost.


  • Smooth Performance
  • Reliable user-interface
  • No special configuration or setup required
  • Protects your system 24/7
  • Good security against Phishing and Spam
  • Free-to-use, no subscription required


  • Poor technical support


Bitdefender Free Antivirus is undoubtedly the best security software for casual users of the computer. For professionals, there are different types of premium versions available. However, this free edition packs all the essential security features to protect your system from viruses and malicious activities. It’s a free tool, give it a try now!

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