Cleaning is a relevant and promising direction for starting your own business. The activities of the clearing companies are a set of measures aimed at ensuring the cleanliness of the premises. In Europe, the business of cleaning apartments and commercial premises exists and has long been considered highly profitable, and the niche is almost full. The first cleaning companies appeared on the domestic market about 25 years ago.

This type of service is gaining popularity in both the private and commercial segments. In the rhythm of modern life, more and more daily tasks are outsourced. Enterprises use the services of third-party employees who perform work that is not part of the specifics of regular staff. Many companies abandon the practice of full-time cleaning and use cleaning services. Private clients actively use cleaning services after renovation and regular cleaning company software.

Cleaning control and management capabilities

  • Cleaning software will adjust the work of your company, software for laundry work in a laundry company according to the same principles of work;
  • Cleaning software allows each employee to make separate separate access rights, powers for operators and company managers;
  • In the queue, a single customer base will be organized, the search is simple, for each customer you can mark a work plan;
  • Dry cleaning management system customized output of financial documents of each customer with your logos and data;
  • The cleaning accounting system allows you to enter all the information associated with the client from the date of birth to payment and how much was spent by him;
  • The cleaning program will minimize all the costs of the company, teach you how to save on the basis of financial statements, compare warehouse balances and see the real money spent, make a summary of the most promising clients and not so much;
  • Calculate the payment of piecework wages, view the employment of employees and the execution of design work, generate a financial report – opportunities for cleaning;
  • By downloading the demo version for free, you will learn more about the functionality and work in the cleaning program.

Many experts talk about the Benefits of the cleaning business:

The cleaning services market is in the stage of active growth. Cleaning services have long been familiar to a potential consumer and have experience of successful application in various regions of Russia;

The basis of the client base is made up of legal entities, therefore, with a high level of corporate service, you can count on long-term cooperation, which will provide the company with a stable income;

Relatively low level of competition and low threshold to enter the market: investments may be limited to the purchase of cleaning equipment.


The owner of any small cleaning service business needs to build a strong team. It’s also worth noting that the right person for a small business is very different from the right person for a large company. In a small company, employees can wear whatever they want, choosing something new every day, because they bring something new to the company. Employees should be comfortable if you want to stimulate active work.

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