20+ Cute Anime Names for Baby Girls and Their Meanings

Hey, anime fans! Have you recently delivered the most beautiful baby girl? 

If you are one of those anime fans, who would love to name your princess after an anime character, this article is for you.

A trait of anime makes it distinct from other animations as these are both hand-drawn and computerized. Apart from thousands of options to choose from, we have come up with the latest and cute anime girl names based on your superior choice.

20+ cute anime girl names and their meanings

From Toei Animation to Studio Ghibli, girl characters have been the eyeball of the shows. Therefore, you may try CocoFinder, if you need a bit of guidance naming your baby after thousands of anime characters.

To get the best naming ideas, have a look at the list below:

  1. Asuka

The name generally means ‘Tomorrow,’ but if you split it a bit into ‘asu’ and ‘ka,’ it will denote a flying bird. Isn’t it cool to pronounce? Your baby girl will surely love this name!

  1. Aina

‘Aina’ originated in Japan, which bangs on the list of cute anime girl names. It usually means fondness, love, greens, and veggies. 

  1. Akane

The name is something to fall for! Another elegant and cute Japanese anime girl name means ‘deep red,’ and it is pretty popular among girl parents. Apart from being a traditional name, it has been widely used in Japan for longer times.

  1. Chiyo

Let’s have a look at ‘Chiyo,’ which is another rare and pretty name for girls. The name indicates a thousand generations in terms of the Japanese language.

  1. Chika

‘Chika’ represents the most dulcet name ever, obtained from the series ‘Kaguya Sama Love is War.’ However, such a beautiful Japanese name means ‘flower’ and ‘scatter.’ So, it would be perfect to choose for your newborn.

  1. Daisuke

Being a parent, you must want your doll to grow up as a helpful and kind person. So, name her ‘Daisuke,’ which indicates ‘very helpful.’

  1. Etsuko

If you are rummaging around cute anime girl names with ‘E,’ Etsuko will be a top-notch pick for your princess. It means ‘joy’ and ‘child.’

  1. Eri

The Japanese word ‘Eri’ means drawing. Eri is a cute girl character that appeared recently in the ‘my hero academia anime series.’ 

  1. Eiko

Who does not want to give a prosperous life to their children? ‘Eiko’ would be an essential Japanese anime name, which refers to affluent and flourishing. 

  1. Haruka

The famous Japanese name includes ‘Haruka’, which means flower, distance, and far away. It has become one of the most crucial cute anime girl names, derived from both fictional and authentic worlds.

  1. Hinata

The name sounds pretty cool as it means sunny place. ‘Hinata’ derives from the most famous fictional anime play ‘Naruto.’

  1. Hikari

Does that name ‘Hikari’ give you a joyous feel? Such a beautiful, resplendent Japanese anime character means ‘light.’

  1. Izumi

The name ‘Izumi’ has Japanese origin, which means spring and fountain. Therefore, your baby girl will fall in love with this pretty cool name after growing up.

  1. Kiko

Next, we have ‘Kiko,’ which is named after a popular anime character. However, the name is reminiscent of the Japanese name ‘Keiko,’ which means ‘be cheerful.’ 

  1. Kasume

Kasume will be a prevalent yet awe-inspiring name, which means ‘Mist.’ It is a Japanese origin name. Not only it is enchanting amid Japanese parents but also eye-appealing for other parts of the world too! 

  1. Latifa

‘Latifa’ means pleasant, gentle or kind. It sounds pretty interesting for a grandeur naming! The name derives from Arab and undoubtedly an excellent anime name!

  1. Mei

The cute anime girl names can be ‘Mei,’ which means ‘fifth month.’ It comes from an English background and will be the best one for your baby.

  1. Maki

Truth is ultimate, and every parent loves their child to come up as brightest and follow the way of fidelity. That is why the anime character named ‘Maki’ means truth.

  1. Natsuki

The name ‘Natsuki’ means moon, green, and vegetable. It has also come from Japanese background—such an appealing name, primarily utilized by parents who are considering anime names for their munchkins. 

  1. Naomi

‘Naomi’ means pretty, which is one of the most engaging and cute anime girl names in these ‘N’ series. It originated from a Hebrew background, which also means gentle. 

  1. Rika

Such a cute and trendy name originated from Japan, which means ‘fragrance’ and ‘village.’ Various fictional and authentic individuals are there who possess such a cute anime girl name. 

  1. Rin

Do you know what ‘Rin’ can be utilized for both boys and baby girls? It is one of Japan’s most precious yet popular names, which means companion or a friend.

  1. Shizuka

Your little one must incline to watch the top anime show ‘Doraemon.’ One of the characters of this play is named ‘Shizuka.’ If you break the names into two halves, ‘Shizu’ denotes ‘quite,’ and ‘ka’ indicates ‘fragrance’ or ‘summer.’

  1. Yumi

Such a pretty name ‘Yumi’ means ‘archery brow.’ Nevertheless, if you break it into two portions, ‘Yu’ will mean ‘companion,’ ‘archery brow,’ and ‘mi’ indicates ‘beautiful.’

  1. Yuki

Yuki will be a pleasant yet one of the cute anime girl names in real-life too! Yuki consists of two significant meanings, based on the script, such as ‘happiness’ and ‘snow.’ also if you are in to Irish name meanings.

The Final Word

Japanese animes consist of countless superior characters showcasing in their series. Here the profound list of 20+ cute anime girl names shown above, from where you may pick anyone depending on your preference. 

Try CocoFinder today to check a wide array of beautiful yet cute names of your future baby named after top-notch anime characters. Luckily, you have massive choices, and the lists mentioned above will surely be helpful for you!