In the mobile app development process, most of the developers consider mobile app performance testing as an afterthought. To meet the stringent deadlines, developers give the testing methodology the least priority. This negligence is one of the central factors for the mobile application’s failure in the niche market. 

Most of the apps fail to make an impact on the customers. Studies reveal that nearly one in four people abandon the app after single-use. Hence, to reduce the probability of your mobile app’s failure, it is essential to perform robust testing on the app before it is launched. The mobile testing process involves different stages and methodologies to check the app’s design, usability, UI, and performance. It helps to prevent the functionality and consistency of the mobile app. Mobile application testing can be either manual or automated. 

Mobile app testing helps to check the functionality, server, memory usage, and network performance of the app. It helps to ensure that the installation process and updating and uninstalling are smooth and easy. However, if you do not have the tools or right experience to test your mobile, you can outsource it to a mobile application testing company. To choose the top mobile testing company for your business, you need to consider the following factors.

· Accountable Experience And Expertise

Choose a mobile app testing company based on customers’ reviews and feedback. You can contact the clients to get a clear idea about the concerned company’s testing ethics and working standards. It will help you to analyze the quality of the services offered by the company. Also, look for the years of experience the company holds and incorporate technologically advanced tools, including emulators and simulators, to test the app efficiently. 

· Testing On OS And OS Versions

It is essential to ascertain that your app delivers consistent performance on different platforms. The testing company should test your app robustly on other OS and their versions. The QA team should know the various operating system versions and devices available in the marketplace on which your app can potentially run. Focusing on one play will narrow down the reach of your app. The testing team should analyze the app’s behavior in different environments to deliver an optimal user experience independent of the OS used to access the application. 

· Ensure Effective End-To-End Security

The mobile testing company should perform adequate end-to-end security testing to identify if the application is vulnerable to potential data security leakages. Cybercriminals are perpetrating sophisticated cyber exploits through mobile applications. The testing team should check the security aspects of the app.

· Security Of The App Idea

Since the mobile app testing company will work closely with your app, you need to ensure that they will maintain your app idea’s confidentiality. It must follow stringent security measures so that the app idea is not leaked before it is launched. Make them sign a non-disclosure agreement for ensuring the security of the app concept and idea.

· Data-Driven Testing

The mobile app testing company should use data analytics tools to gather information about the user data for testing the application on a suitable device. Such testing methods will help you save costs, enabling the QA team to carry out the tests on the required devices. The data analytics tool will help the testing team to understand the demographics, age, gender, and other attributes of your end-user. It will also enable them to figure out the service provider, operating system, mobile brand, and screen resolutions, helping the testing company choose the suitable device for mobile testing.

· Scalability

While selecting a company for app testing, ensure that the company develops an adaptable approach to test the mobile app, i.e., it needs to make sure that the app will deliver a consistent performance on devices and features coming shortly. Such robust testing methods will help you to check if the app is sustainable in the long-run.

· Automation Tools Required For Testing

The QA team should integrate the right automation testing tools to increase test coverage, improve test effectiveness, and shrink the time-to-market. The testing team should effectively analyze the tools which need to be automated. The company should determine the automation type, cost and expected ROI, and adaptability of the tools into the existing infrastructure to select the right automation tool. Automated tools enable the tester to run the test scripts remotely at any hour.

· Short Release Time

As the app market is getting increasingly competitive, you can not wait for your app’s extended period to launch in the marketplace. Hence, choose a mobile app testing team with a team of skilled testers with hands-on experience on automation (and manual) testing to perform effective and comprehensive testing in a shorter period.

To Conclude:

Mobile application testing enables you to determine the application’s performance and consistency across various devices and OS. To choose the right mobile app testing company, ensure that the QA team has the right skills and experience and uses intelligent technologies to perform robust testing operations.

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