There are lots of different apps available on your smartphone. From building recipe books, exercising, playing games, and even some of the best poker apps to play a game with your friends. Another great type of app to download is brain training and analytical skill-building. These apps are great for those looking to become a little sharper and improve their mental health, along with some other things. Here are nine of the best.


The Memordo Brain Training app is an amazing free app available for Android and iOS users. The app features 24 brain games with 740 levels created to enhance memory, concentration, logical thinking, reactions, and maths skills. It focuses on four mind exercises that are great for lowering stress and maintaining mental balance. One of the best things about this app is that you can select the skills you want to concentrate on which will allow the app to send you specified daily workouts.


Elevate is specifically designed to develop your memory, speaking ability, maths skills, concentration, and processing skills. It keeps track of your training and your improvements giving you a chance to capture your progress and also allows you to link up with friends bringing some healthy competition in comparing scores.


It is ranked among the top apps for mind training by both Google and Apple. It offers more than thirty mini-games that focus on improving problem-solving, mental agility, concentration, mental agility, problem-solving abilities, and language skills. Just like Elevate, Peak provides overall results for a number of cognitive abilities. The iOS and Android apps are free to download. You will need to pay $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year to upgrade to the Pro version.


By using activities that help you overcome negative thoughts, reduce stress, empathize and show gratitude, you can train your brain to be happier. Happify offers all the activities you need to lead a peaceful and happy life. This app uses positive technologies that focus on your strengths to give you polls, quizzes, and a gratitude journal that teach life-changing lessons. It can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store.

Fit Brains

Developed by a company that offers online language courses, Rosetta Stone, the app is composed of multiple languages. A lot of their training programs have been tailored to your needs, including more than 60 mini-games for mobile devices and 500 training programs. With the involvement of various neuroscientists, it improves several cognitive functions, including memory, problem-solving, processing speed, and concentration. The free version of Fit Brains is available on both Android and iOS. However, the premium version will cost you $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year.


More than 85 million downloads of Lumosity have been recorded worldwide since it was released in 2005. There are more than 50 mini mobile games to train memory, problem-solving, flexibility, attention, and speed. If you download the free version, it will send you three mini-games per day; with the premium version, it will send you five. All five cognitive functions are addressed in each mini-game. Downloads are free on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android, but the premium subscription is $11.99 per month and $59.99 for a year.


This brain training app is derived from one of the oldest IQ societies in the world, Mensa. The Mensa experts have created different games that bring a competitive streak into developing perception, agility, memory, concentration, and reasoning. As you make your way through the app a personalized Mensa Brain Index is created, giving you the percentages of each cognitive function you have focused on. This is another free app that is available on iOs and Mac OS.


CogniFit is a brain training and test app designed to develop the brain’s cognitive abilities like memory and concentration. CogniFit uses mobile games created by neuroscientists with a really interesting take on things. Similar to Elevate, this allows you to track your progress, compete with others using the app, and check the overall fitness of your brain. Its developers state that users noticed improvements after using the app for around 20 minutes two or three times a week. Available free of charge on iOS and Mac OS.

Personal Zen 

In Personal Zen, users have to follow animations of different kinds. One is friendly and calm, while the other comes across as a lot angrier. This app is free and available to download on Mac OS and iOS and has been developed to help you focus on more positive areas of the world. It says that 10 minutes a day will allow users to be more focused on the positive aspects of their day. Each session helps to create and build resilience for the next few hours. 

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