How to Choose Your Perfect Mobile Apps


A hundred calendars. Dozens of office apps. Numerous audio players. Unofficial Twitter or Reddit apps surpass the official ones. And thousands, many thousands of games. How do you create your perfect set of mobile apps? Here come services like Droidfunzone where apps are collected, reviewed, ranked, and compared.

Choosing the Best Apps

How do you choose your apps? Some of them go by default: you install the official clients for social media or cloud services just because they are official. But when it comes to calendars, notepads, weather apps, photo and video editors, players, and many other types of apps, the choice is infinite.

If you browse through Google Play or App Store in search of apps within categories, you may just get lost. Luckily, there are specialized services that sift the best from the rest. There, you can:

  • Read the reviews to understand what the app is for. Independent reviews, written by neither developers nor amateur users, will give you a better perspective on what to expect from the app.
  • See the ratings. Those on markets can be biased because of some external reason. 
  • See the screenshots to make your choice more visually. As you look at the interface of the app, you will tell whether you like it or not.

Finally, the very fact that the app appears on such a site is eloquent. It means that the app was worth a review and a page on this.

How to Find Your Games

It’s different with games, as they are not meant for any practical purpose: the purpose is to have fun. So, there is no direct competition: today, you want to play an arcade, tomorrow, a puzzle game, and then you’re into a long narrative-driven RPG. So, how do you choose a game if you’re not a 24/7 gamer?

The answer is similar: learn more about games. But streams and professional reviews are usually long and meant for fans rather than for those just choosing. Descriptions on the official sites and pages on app stores are all enticing, and reviews are often incompetent. So, what’s the better way?

We’d recommend a specialized site with short reviews that tell you the most important things:

·       The genre of the game;

·       The rating;

·       Compatibility (if your device can’t run it, there’s no need to look further);

·       Similar games (usually in recommendations);

·       Screenshots to see what it looks like;

·       Pros and cons. For many, it’s the most important section: here you can learn about dealbreakers (like pay-to-win model or too many ads) and selling points.

Choose and Get

What’s important about a good guide is that it provides links right under reviews. So, if you are interested, you can just click it and install the game or the app. As professionals get this job done, you can save time and enjoy great apps with fewer trials and errors. 

If you found this guide useful (or, on the contrary, basic and useless), choose your reaction and help us to get better. Thanks for your feedback!