The Best Minimalist Jewelry Trends and How to Wear Them

In the age of super-sized everything, rocking minimalist fashion is a breath of fresh air and offers a classic look and clean lines. Though the traditional Scandinavian style of minimalism has long been employed for home décor, it’s been slowly edging over into other aspects of life, too, like jewelry. Wearing minimalist jewelry doesn’t mean you have to look drab or plain, though. It’s about wearing elegant, tasteful pieces with a touch of class and a clean, understated look.

The late, great, and iconic Coco Chanel said it best: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” That infamous quote from the world’s most fashionable woman sums up the entirety of How to Wear Minimalist Jewelry 101, which goes hand in hand with the good old cliché, less is more.

Dainty Rings

Wearing classically stylish and simple rings is a staple piece of minimalist jewelry, especially if you stack them. If you’re interested in dainty rings, check out some of the different styles available as sterling silver or gold with a geometric design. Rocking geometric shapes is very in right now, especially when it comes to jewelry. Its influence can be seen in different ring designs, from simple rings with an open circle, or ones that look light a lightning bolt, or even just a ring with a solitaire crystal.

Spinner Rings

Spinner rings can add a unique touch to your fashion style. They come in many different designs, materials,  and colors, making it easy to find one that matches your personal style. But why use spinner ring​​​​​​?Spinner rings, also known as fidget rings or anxiety rings, are designed to reduce anxiety and stress by  providing a calming and soothing effect through repetitive motion. The spinning motion of the inner ring can  help to relieve nervous energy, promote relaxation, and improve focus and concentration. Some people also  find that spinner rings can help with conditions such as ADHD, OCD, and autism spectrum disorders. Overall,  spinner rings can be a helpful tool for managing stress and improving mental wellness.

Knuckle Rings

Smaller, thin rings are also perfect for wearing just before the first knuckle joint on your fingers. Knuckle rings are one of the hottest trends being worn by both social media influencers and celebrities. However, the style doesn’t really work with chunky rings. A dainty, smaller ring will fit snugly on your finger and won’t get in the way of using your hands, and it won’t catch on your clothing or hair, either.

Chain Necklaces for a Layered Look

Wearing delicate chain necklaces is another minimalist jewelry trend for 2021. Whether they’re gold or silver, simple chain necklaces are a great way to rock the minimalist style. Look for those with an ultra-fine chain and a small pendant or crystal accent. Chain necklaces can be worn alone or in layers, making for a neat effect and drawing eyes to your décolletage.

When layering chain and pendant necklaces, ensure they’re lying in the proper place on your neck. You want them to gradually increase in length, with the shortest one looking more like a choker and the longest nestled just below your breasts. Layering necklaces also gives you a touch of Bohemian style, and they’re a great way to dress down or dress up any outfit. Even if you don’t want to wear too many necklaces, just layer two or three to perfectly with any open neckline.

Cuff Bracelets and Bangles

A beautiful, well-crafted cuff bangle or bracelet is super chic and stylish right now. Look for a hammered metal version for a unique, texturized statement piece. Cuff bracelets pair perfectly with just about any outfit: office wear and suits, for a night out at the club, or loungewear on the weekend. It’s nice to look for an artisan-crafted, handmade cuff, but if your budget doesn’t have room for that right now, find a gold vermeil or sterling silver option that’s both elegant and inexpensive. The simple cuff design offers sleek, clean lines and a flash of metal to draw attention to your arms, especially if you aren’t wearing sleeves.

Gem-Encrusted Hoop Earrings and Ear Cuffs

Minimalist earring trends for 2021 lean towards dainty hoops encrusted with CZ or gemstones and cartilage ear cuffs. These two styles work well in tandem since they complement each other so perfectly. If you love wearing your hair up, a set of tiny, gem-encrusted hoop earrings paired with one or more ear cuffs on your cartilage is really on-trend right now. If you like wearing your hair down, make sure you sweep it to one side and behind your ear so people can see your beautiful earrings. Also, you don’t even need pierced ears to take advantage of this minimalist hoop and cuff trend. There are plenty of options available for non-pierced ears that look real and are very comfortable to wear.

How to Wear Minimalist Clothing

The key to wearing a minimalist wardrobe is picking simple, clean, and well-made pieces that aren’t boring. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean plain or bland, either. It’s about less saying more and offering a classier, unpretentious look and feel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and try different outfit combinations to find something that feels like just your style. Or, pick some clothing styles that you already know look the best on your body type, and look for a few different versatile pieces to perk up your wardrobe. An example of some versatile pieces would be your favorite designer jeans or your most comfortable pair of knee-high leather boots.

Find the Right Style for Your Body Type

Remember, just because clothing looks good on the rack or the internet doesn’t mean it will look good once you try it on. Figure out how to properly style your body type and what kind of clothing looks best on you, and then invest in some well-made, classic pieces that offer versatility and the ability to dress up or dress down any outfit. Once you find a favorite item, buy a couple of different outfit options to pair it with. A great example of this is a luxe blazer with classic, clean-cut lines. It can be paired with a sexy bralette, skinny jeans, and stilettos for a night out. You can also wear it with a blouse, black suede pumps, and pinstriped slacks for a more formal look or something office appropriate.

Showcase One Piece at a Time

All of the minimalist trends listed above are a great way to dress up your wardrobe. However, wearing them all at the same time ruins the effect. Instead, choose one bold statement piece and let that be the showcase. You can still wear multiple jewelry pieces, like a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet, but keep just one of the pieces loud and the rest very simple. For instance, if you’re wearing four or five necklace layers, keep your earrings as simple studs or hoops, and skip the chunky cuff. Instead, look for a narrow, delicate chain bracelet that won’t overpower your style.

The minimalist clothing and jewelry trend has long been a classic way to get simple, clean lines and avoid overwhelming your personal style with too many accessories.  The primary purpose of minimalism is to wear understated pieces that offer a natural, clean-cut look, but they don’t have to look bland and boring. Choose just one bold statement piece, and the rest of your jewelry should subtly complement that one piece without overpowering it. Rock some stacked dainty rings or a cuff bracelet, or layer some delicate chain necklaces for a chic and minimalist look that will never go out of style.