Guide To Take Your Business Online

Guide To Take Your Business Online

As you know, people are shifting their businesses online more than before. The pandemic made an effect on people’s lives and their daily needs. If you want to stay in the race with other competitors then online business with your traditional offline business is a must thing. This guide to take your business online will help you to learn all the basic things that you need to make your business appearance online.

Business listing

Whether you are doing business online or offline, the first step for online appearance is business listing. Make your business listing online on google business and popular business directories like Bizify Blogs. When any person searches for services or products that you provide, he or she can contact you from the details that you provide in the business directory. This will increase your business appearance significantly

Buy Domain

To reach customers from the global market, you must have a good website. For that, you should first buy a domain related to your business. You can check free domain availability on the google domain website or any other websites that sell domains. Normally domain names you can purchase from $15 to $25.

Create Website

After buying a domain name, you need good hosting that hosts your content. There are many types of packages available for shared hosting, premium hosting, and more. You can start with shared hosting where your content will be hosted on a shared server. After growing more business and traffic you can move to premium hosting. You can buy servers as per your customer or website traffic location.

Site Design

Your business’s first appearance should be good. After making a website, you should work on website design. You can choose a free or premium theme as per your need. Many premium themes allow a number of websites that you can include in one subscription plan. So, if the premium theme is out of your budget then you can buy it with other websites of your friends or family. Make a website design as per the nature of the business. Different theme designs available online for eCommerce. Travel, lifestyle, and fashion related websites.

Add content

Till now your website with the best design is prepared. Now time for adding content related to your business. Make landing pages and content pages, service and product portfolio, contact page, and policy page. These are the pages that you must publish on your website. 

Social Media

Now make social media pages of your business with the same name. So if someone searches it on google then your page will appear with your website URL. Make pages for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social media websites that are popular in your country. Publish posts related to your business on these social media pages regularly.


Add your website in google search console and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. To get an appearance in a search engine, you have to submit a sitemap in the search console. Get expert help if you need it. Also, make good backlinks from other websites and publish guest posts on websites of your niche. Do email marketing, add a subscription form on your website for better reach to real customers. Get more ideas from business websites like yours.

I hope these guides will help you to take your business online.