Introduction to TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TRL-20

TONOR 12'' Selfie Ring

The TONOR Tripod Stand is the best capturing device to cast an even light onto the subject. The selfie ring light installed in the system is highly used to reduce shadows in the face, minimize blemishes, and illuminate the eyes. With so many features, TONOR Tripod Stand is commonly used in portraits, taking selfies, videography capturing, glamour shots, and much more.

Applications of using TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Tripod Stand TRL-20:

Due to various benefits, TONOR 12” Selfie Ring different from others. It can be used for every purpose including:

  1. Zoom Conference
  2. TikTok videos
  3. YouTube videos
  4. Makeup assistant
  5. Selfie Photography
  6. Live Streaming
  7. Video recording
  8. Online teaching
  9. Dark scenery Vlogging
  10. Glamor shots and portraits

Features of TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TRL-20

  1. Dimmable Ring Light: It features 3 color modes (cold, warm, natural) with 10 brightness levels.
  2. Color temperature: It ranges from 2700K-6500K.
  3. Gentle & Bright Light: TONOR 12 inches selfie ring stand has 160 high-quality LED bulbs, built in ring light which enhances its brightness over 30% than other ring lights.
  4. 20000H Span Life: Being composed of high-quality light board and LED bulbs, the ring light adopts overvoltage protection and electrostatic shielding tech which makes the average life reach 20000H.
  5. Upgraded Tripod Stand: With triangular structure and anti-slip rubber, you can adjust its height from 16″ to 52″. It makes it more stable and freely adjustable to ensure you get the perfect angle.
  6. Easy Operation: Make the tripod stand effortlessly and set up the ring light, plug in the power source and use the included Bluetooth remote shutter. After setting up the whole tripod stand system, you are ready to easily take selfies and record videos.
  7. Tripod Stand TRL-20 is composed of Aluminium with Height: 16″/410mm-53″/1350mm. Its net weight is 680 g and can beer Maximum load of 3 kg.

Components of TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TRL-20 package –

  • TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring light with 78.7″/2m USB power supply
  • Adjustable metal tripod stand
  • Mount Phone holder
  • Bluetooth remote shutter
  • User manual
  • After sales card

Specifications of TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Light –

  • Ring Light Size: 12 inch
  • Color Rendering Index: 80-90
  • Luminous Flux: 500-800lm
  • Power: 10W
  • Input: USB 5V-2A
  • LED Qty: 160
  • Lifespan: > 20000 hrs
  • Tripod Stand Extendable Height: 410-1350 mm/16-53 inch
  • Remote Control Battery: CR2032, 3V

Advantages of TONOR 12” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand TRL-20 –

  1. Color modes switching.
  2. Brightness adjustment via the control button on the USB cable.
  3. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  4. Helps you to easily and clearly record your joyful and positive life.
  5. Sufficient light sources to make your work more powerful and efficient.
  6. Perfect illumination to erase harsh shadows from your face.
  7. Great features attraction to make you look more attractive in the video.


The video capturing system has a very sturdy body and a high build quality. It has many options for camera position height adjustment and turning, making filming videos using a phone very easy. Get a soft and even glow to flatter your skin and prevent eye glare. Simply adjust your phone position including flipping to portrait or landscape mode and be ready to take the perfect shot by yourself!!