How to Fit A Tight Budget for Link Building

It is without a doubt that link building is hard work. It requires a lot of attention, strategies, and effort. And you can’t do all of that without any financial support. Whether it may be for your manpower or the resources you need to get your strategies up and running, you are surely going to need a budget.

So, does that mean that you need to be rich to get started with link building? Fortunately, not. Despite how far the limits can go, you don’t necessarily be at that point immediately. You can always start small or operate with what limited budget you currently have.

However, for you to perform this, you need to keep a few things in mind. You can fit a small budget, but you need to cut on some corners and be wary of certain things.

Create Marketing Partners

Link building is related to SEO and that is related to marketing. Point is, link building is not too far off from marketing. Because the reason you do it is to get seen and heard.

That’s important because once you realize that link building is just marketing, you get to understand that you can make marketing partnerships.

What we mean is that while you need to put your links on a different site, you are also able to put foreign links on your site as well. While you are looking for link opportunities, you are a link opportunity for other sites.

So, stop reaching out and paying sites for links. Instead, perform partnerships in which you benefit from one another by exchanging links. No money is involved, just a mutual exchange of services.

Pitch Guest Posts to Relevant Websites

One of the most common ways to get links is by contributing guest posts to sites. You then simply insert your link into the article, completely natural and yet, very effective.

However, guest posting has already gotten a bad rep over the years. That’s because marketers spam sites for their content to be published.

You are at a crossroads. To guest post or not? The answer is in between, guest post when only necessary. Understand what you are offering and your content. Pitch it to relevant sites that are likely going to need your content. Then, wait for the approval.

There are a lot of websites that are constantly in need of guest posts. It’s either they don’t have any content contributors or they are working with a niche field. Regardless, there will always be free link opportunities in guest posting. You just have to approach it the right way and choose your sites properly.

Create Case Studies and Testimonials

One guaranteed way for sites to use your content is if you create one that significantly benefits them. And that comes in the form of either a case study, testimonial, or a review.

Imagine this, you publish a post on your site that positively reviews a service. You inform the service of what you did. They then link that to their site to point their clients to a review.

As long as you create reviews of industries that are related to yours, it is a fast and effortless way to get backlinks. In most cases, you don’t even have to ask. Since a positive review always benefits a business, they are bound to use it.

Use Social Media

As of the moment, social media backlinks are currently up for debate. There is no definitive proof of how much a social media backlink affects your SEO rank. However, one thing is for sure, when used right, it does make an impact.

In a recent study, links that go viral or get repeatedly shared are more likely to come up when searched in Google. So, while it may not have the same effect as linking to quality sites, it is one way to at least get your SEO rank off the ground.

You are not losing anything in social media backlinking. Just make sure to create quality posts instead of just spamming your link. Though, keep this in moderation. You are only using this as an additive, you should concentrate your efforts on more defined strategies.

Publish Trending Content

While it is no guarantee that somebody will link to your trending content, the chances are significantly higher than usual. Take for example social issues that make rounds on the internet such as the BLM, police brutality, and issues regarding the pandemic.

Trending content is always sought out by readers. In turn, this urges writers to make the most out of the market by keeping on writing about the trending topics. They need somebody to reference and so, your published content is bound to be linked one way or the other, whether you ask or not.

Link Building on A Budget is Possible

The question that always plagues the world of link building is whether or not it can be done on a limited budget. And as you have read, it can be done. There are ways to spread your links cost-free. You can also pay in the form of service or kind. Also, if you lack the budget for the tools and for hiring an in-house team, outsource link building is always an option. Consider all the options that will get you the most economical result.

At the end of the day, you don’t necessarily need to have a huge budget. Just make sure to keep an open eye on all the available opportunities. While it may not be easy nor as fast and effective if you do have a budget, it does get you off your feet and slowly progress you to a path of success. Remember, little improvements are better than no improvements at all.

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