Best Ice Fishing Tips That You Should Know

The popularity of ice fishing is increasing day by day. You can do it in the winter months without renting a boat. But, it is also more difficult to do fishing in hard water than normal water. If you have done fishing in normal water only then you must go through some tips and gather some knowledge to start ice fishing. Check where you can get more fish and prepare your electronics gadgets like an underwater fishing camera, sonar, and flasher. Here we will explain the best Ice fishing tips that you should know before doing it the first time.

Also hiking fishing is getting popular however you will need special hiking fishing rod

Ice Fishing Equipment

During ice fishing, you require some equipment and gadgets. You can use more or less equipment and gadgets based on conditions. You should charge your mobile fully and protect it with plastic when not in use, You should have an ice chisel, ice scoop, ice safety pick, and ice fishing bucket. You should wear proper winter clothing and also bring one pair of extra clothing with you. Also, use warm boots especially made for it. Take an ice fishing camera and other gadgets to get the best experiences. Make a list so you will not forget a single one.

Depth of location

You should be aware of the depth of fish location. Do some research on the availability of fish in a particular depth. Different types of fish are found at different levels of water. After doing this, you have to take less effort while doing actual fishing.


The speed of moving bait also matters. In the winter months, these creatures try to save more energy. So, they do not move frequently. Experts say you must move your fishing equipment slowly in ice fishing to catch a fish. The drawback of fast-moving is that fish will not try to catch a bait due to your speed. So remember this thing while doing ice fishing.

Treating Hypothermia

People die due to drowning in normal water. Ice fishing is not like normal water fishing. You may also die due to low body temperature. So get all the tips for hypothermia. More than 20 minutes in freezy water could lead to death. So prepare yourself for this type of situation and its solution before starting ice fishing.

Stop the light

While fishing. Hiding from the fish is also important. If you are fishing in less thick ice, then cover the hole and nearby portion with ice so the light will not reach the inside surface. Some fish avoid light and that time this technique will get you more fish than normal conditions.

Ice thickness

The Minimum recommended ice thickness is 4 inches and more for walking. So, do not try to walk on less thick ice. Stay away from cracks. If you are new at that place then the best practice is to ask an authorized person or local. Ice thickness is also dependent on climate conditions. To check yourself, you can make a little hole in the ice and check the thickness. Safety is a very important factor in ice fishing so follow all safety guidelines.

I hope all these tips will help you in your first ice fishing task. But, these are not enough, you will learn more things about ice fishing by experience.

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