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Small businesses rely on high quality internet to succeed. Given that in 2021, most business is done via the internet, it’s only natural that your employees, customers and suppliers rely on their internet connection as well as yours to get things done properly.

So, it’s important to understand which business internet plans are right for your business, whether it’s an IP phone system or online service.

Follow these three simple tips to get the right internet plan for your small business.

The three considerations when choosing internet for small business

Before you choose your internet plan, you have to know about the different types of internet connections on the market today. The type you choose could affect the quality of your internet connection and, consequently, your business. So, let’s take a look at the different types and which will work well for your business.

  1. There are a range of different connections types

Your chosen service provider should have a range of connection options. These include:

  • Cable internet: This is one of the more popular and accessible internet choices available on the market.
  • DSL: DSL usually has speed limitations and is offered by a telecommunications company.
  • Satellite: You receive your internet connection via satellite. These connections are typically found in rural areas.
  • 5G network: The newest addition and the fastest. Runs through a mobile network like that of its predecessor, 4G.
  • Fixed wireless: Internet connection is received via radio signal from a modem to a tower. However, nature and the weather can impact the quality of the connection.
  • Fiber optic internet: Another fast and reliable option, offering high speed internet. However, Australia is still rolling out fiber optic networks, and not all areas have access to them.
  1. Does the provider offer extra services?

It’s not only about speed, bandwidth and connectivity when choosing a small business internet plan. Your provider should offer a range of added services that make it stand out above competitors. Your internet service provider (ISP) should be able to benefit small businesses with features that are added as part of a bundle. These services can help your business save money down the track and can be vital to how your business operates online.

It’s also important to think about built-in networking when choosing your ISP. This essentially means your ISP can handle both your internal and external networking needs. This reduces the complexity of internet and network management across the business. This provides you extra time to concentrate on the bigger picture of your business, with your plan taking care of the minor network details.

You want to pick an ISP that provides ongoing consultancy. This means your ISP will tell you every time an update is available as this will help you make the best decisions for your business.

  1. Does the ISP provide the bandwidth & speed your business needs?

Not all ISPs provide high speed internet, and this is a real drag for business owners looking to get things done quickly. The internet’s speed is pivotal to your daily business operations, saving you time and money as you work quickly and efficiently. Therefore, make sure you don’t just go with the cheapest connection – it will only let you down in the long run.
You have to do your research and choose the business internet plan that is going to help your company succeed over time. Make sure you ask the ISP about throttling and bandwidth caps, and ask if they will reduce your bandwidth at certain times of the day. This is vital for choosing the right ISP for your business.

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