Tips for Developing a Mobile-Friendly Web Design in Phoenix

By mid-2019, almost 81% of mobile users in American cities like Phoenix have a smartphone. It has increased by 35% from 2011. People now glance at news on the go, browse for new services, and shop online.

Small businesses contribute to 95% of the total firms in the city, with the Greater Phoenix region taking the lead. With a mobile-friendly design for your small business, you can grab an increased number of opportunities. Optimizing for mobile will let you convert potential customers into paying ones.

Use the following tips to turn your official website into a mobile-responsive interface with the help of an expert in Phoenix web design needs:

Simple Designs Are Always the Best

Remember that you have just a few seconds to catch the eye of your target audience. Your web design should convey what you want to say in a precise manner. Or, the mobile user will turn their attention elsewhere.

It is especially true for a sprawling city like Phoenix, AZ, where everyone is busy all the time. Last year, 69% of Phoenix residents and other U.S. regions ordered take-out or delivery from restaurants. While 87% of them looked for local restaurants, they chose mobile sites that were easy to navigate.

Hence, when designing for tablets, smartphones, and smaller mobile devices, avoid too many on-screen distractions. For instance, serve smaller byte-size images that load quickly and do not keep the user waiting.

Another thing to do away with is long-form content. You may have a lot to say, but find ways to put it in a crisp story. Use only essential copy and prevent clutter. It can help interested users scroll quickly.

Use Icons Instead of Words

Using conventional mobile icons in place of plain text will help improve the site’s appearance. Besides, users can easily find what they need, e.g., social media buttons and calls to action. Symbols keep people interested, and they know that the site is mobile-optimized.

Also, consider the fact that in 2020, there was a massive shift in the way people shopped. Sure, many shoppers were using e-Commerce sites already, but now, more verticals are in play. Industries, like the automotive sector, have embraced online experiences.

Around 72% of car dealerships in the U.S., including Phoenix, allow customers to buy vehicles online. Recently, even Tesla has become the newest entrant into the digital selling space. So, when you share or purchase buttons rather than words or images, they achieve quicker outcomes. For better reach, approach an expert in Phoenix for web design and get a suitable website design. 

Choose a Responsive Framework

Phoenix ranks on top of daily mobile usage in the country. Apparently, mobile users stay on their phones for about 4-6 hours a day.

Therefore, an effective web design can result in favorable outcomes when it uses a responsive technology framework. Meaning, the site layout depends on a grid that looks the same on different screen sizes.

No matter what you use – a Windows tablet, an Android phone, iPad, 4-inch, or 5-inch, it looks well-spaced. You should also consolidate so that the site has the same URL across all devices. This way, the site will be SEO-friendly, whether you use laptops, PCs, or smartphones.

For instance, someone is on the way home from work in the Garfield neighborhood. It is midnight, and they look up “restaurants open late in Phoenix.” Your 24-hour diner’s website will show up on their search results on any device you use.

Furthermore, ensure that the top-of-the-line content is compelling and requires no pinching or zooming. The mobile site must be completely navigable with your thumb, and you do not need to use your index finger. However, if you resize the screen to fit various devices, misplaced clicks may occur in the menu navigation.

Give Out Your Local Information

You own a business and want people to reach you. The best way is to provide them with all the contact information on the site. These include store or operational hours, phone number, location, email, and nearby landmarks.

You can add a Google Map to help users with directions. For instance, your mobile repair solutions business address is Ahwatukee, Phoenix. Users looking for “phone screen repair near Ahwatukee, Phoenix” can use the details on the site.

Consider geolocation and other mobile capabilities like visitor check-in, targeted promotions, etc. Online shoppers can share their reviews and comments on social communities and rating sites like Yelp.

You can also get linked on their page, which can bring new customers. For example, if you run an agency, don’t forget to list your services on popular local directories to get local clientele.

Next, use videos wisely because mobile consumers are more likely to watch them than laptop users. Use a lightweight video player that does not require considerable bandwidth. Also, keep in mind that around 20% of mobile owners may be using 3G data when commuting.

Focus on Overall Improved User Experiences

Finally, make the contact form fields as few as possible. When you target local consumers in Phoenix, you will not need them to enter the city or state. To obtain their ZIP, you can try pre-populating it with GPS on their phones.