World’s Smallest Device For Better Mental Health, Sleep, and Healthy Aging!

World's Smallest Device For Better Mental Health, Sleep, and Healthy Aging!

Aging, stress, and getting a peaceful sleep are concerns of many across the world. But with this new bioelectronic device, it is possible to have better sleep and reduce your stress. More importantly, the device can delay the entire aging process!

The ‘amofit S‘ can tackle all these common concerns and this could be a huge breakthrough. The effectiveness in clinical trials and results of the technology used is also available on their website. Let’s dive in to know more.

Better Mental Health, Sleep, and Healthy Aging!

Bioelectronic technology ‘amofit S‘ stimulates the cardiac branch of the ‘vagus nerve.’ The device uses mild electric currents to stimulate the nerve. These low electromagnetic signals help to correct the imbalance of our autonomic nervous system. That’s not all. The alpha brain waves created by the device help in improving memory and creativity. There’s more to this incredible device.

Additionally, through a mechanism called ‘homeostatic autoregulation,’ it keeps the internal balance stable. A decline in the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis lead to aging. Homeostasis is the ability to self-tune or stabilize the body with respect to changes. Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve helps the maintenance of homeostasis and in delaying aging-related effects.

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How does The Device Work?

Amofit S advice using the device for just 30 minutes every day. The electromagnetic signal passes through the skin, muscles, and bones at a lower intensity. High blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke are some of the chronic diseases that will reduce with stimulation. Surprisingly, peaceful and healthy restoration of both body and the mind will only take days!

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The regular use of the device seems to rapidly improve insomnia and anxiety. The device has two healing modes as CALM and FOCUS. CALM mode improves sleep, stress, and anxiety by increasing the vagal tone. On the other hand, the FOCUS mode improves memory and creativity through alpha waves. The coolest thing about the device is you can wear it as a collar using the clip or wear it around your neck like a necklace.

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Aging, stress, and getting a peaceful sleep are not a concern anymore with this new device! Amofit S is an advanced solution to tackle them all. The bioelectronic device stimulates an important nerve in the nervous system by using a simple electronic current. This could be the next breakthrough in our time!

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