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The World’s First Self-Unfolding & Mobile Home| The House Triples Its Size In Minutes!

The World's First Self-Unfolding & Mobile Home The House Triples Its Size In Minutes!

The world of architecture and design continues to expand with advancements in technology. A Californian start-up company called PodX Go has introduced the world’s first self-unfolding & mobile home! This groundbreaking product ‘Grande S1’ and its design have surprised many across the world.

The design of this home on wheels gives the ability to travel while enjoying the comfort of a home. The movable home expands to three times its original size within 15 minutes! Let’s dive into know more remarkable features of this mobile home.

The interior of this compact home is also one of the most fascinating things to see. The floor space is approximately 364 sq ft (33.8 m) and it unfolds into a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The spacious bedroom includes a King-size Murphy bed and a fully-functioning bathroom. Grande S1 by PodX Go is truly an ingenious design of a smart home.

The home can be easily moved by an F250 or something similar. The assembling of the house can then take place by pushing just a few buttons. How incredible is that?

The Grande S1 is highly reliable and safe. High-tensile steel frames ensure the reliability and safety of the mobile home. Polyurethane insulates walls and roof panels, making the house more suitable for a variety of environments. The floor of the house is also fascinatingly designed with plywood.

More importantly, the installation of an Edge One smart solution ensures the safety and security of the mobile home. This addition of an all-in-one home automation system makes things safer and more convenient for homeowners.

This self-unfolding home is powered by solar solutions. Therefore, the house has support to live off from electricity grids as well. The home also features some other amenities like water heaters, air conditioning, smoke detectors, and a water inlet.


PodX Go has introduced the world’s first self-unfolding & mobile home. This compact house is an intelligent solution for anyone seeking a home. The owners can move anywhere while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a home.

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