World’s Thinnest Wallet Tracker | The New Tracker’s Battery Life Beats The Apple Airtag Battery Life!

World's Thinnest Wallet Tracker The New Tracker's Battery Life Beats The Apple Airtag Battery Life!

Technology is taking new turns every single day. Another surprising new innovation is in the making with groundbreaking features! AceCard is the world’s thinnest wallet tracker. The new tracker’s battery life beats the Apple Airtag battery life! The super slim tracker card is just 1.9 millimeters thick and has a battery life of 2.5 years 

This exciting new AceCard works well with both Apple ‘Find My’ and Androids ‘Find My Device.’ It does not need a network or data to track the devices. A simple Bluetooth signal sends the location of the card to your app in an instant. The tracker has some more exciting features and let’s dive in to know more!

The Apple AirTag has a battery life of 12 months. But the AceCard has a remarkable battery life of 30 months! So, the users don’t have to worry about constantly charging or replacing the battery. The new Acecard has stepped up its game by beating Apple. 

Another exciting feature is that the tracker has a built-in speaker. Once the device is nearby, a sound of 105 dB will play. This helps the user to detect the device even in a noisy environment. 

Ace Card is not your average wallet tracker. The tracker has a built-in NFC Smart Business Card. It’s not just about finding lost stuff (although it does that great!). It’s also about networking and connecting with people. With a simple tap, Ace Card unlocks the magic of NFC technology, turning your card into a smart business card.

Ace Card presents high functionality and durability. The sleek unibody is made with tempered glass. The device can also work its way through any environment. The design of the AceCard gives the benefit of convenience and elegance to its users. 

That’s not all. Ace Card is not only changing the way we network but also showing some love for Mother Earth. Ace has made sure this card is built to last, using durable materials and energy-efficient features. They believe that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Our dedicated team of engineers and designers has invested countless hours into perfecting the card’s design, ensuring that it combines unparalleled thinness, durability, and functionality. We firmly believe that Ace Card will revolutionize the way people organize their wallets while providing cutting-edge networking capabilities,” said Mr. Saleem, the CEO of Ace.


Ace Card is a true marvel of technology, convenience, style, and sustainability all in one tiny package. It’s not just a wallet tracker; it’s a smart companion that’ll help you network smarter and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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