What is something that old people love that you don’t understand?

Did you ever notice that older people sometimes have a weird interest in things that confuse us? It’s almost like they have their own secret language that only they understand!

So recently Redditor ask in public, “What is something that old people love that you don’t understand”

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weird type of traditional Vietnamese music

In my country (Brazil), old people sit in front of their houses and do absolutely nothing for hours, just watching people and cars go by. This is more common for lower social class, for instance my grandma and her friends gather everyday at someone’s door and just sit there until the night comes (they are retired).

Oldie here… I worked for a Canadian clothing store called Marks. I used to point our new arrivals to my daughter to see if she liked them, and she would say “Ugh. Those are old people clothes!” One day she came in, looked around and said “You guys are starting to get some pretty good stuff.” I laughed because nothing had really changed, and watched the expression on her face change as it slowly dawned on her.

I’m a window cleaner and have a lot of elderly customers. Over the years I’ve found they LOVE to be the first one to tell me one of the neighbours has died. To the point where if I say ‘yeah, Thelma already let me know’, they look genuinely disappointed and annoyed that they weren’t the one to break the news to me.

Watching the news constantly

Telling anyone who will listen about their various ailments. Look, I’m 57, so I’m ancient by reddit standards. But I vowed early on that I will not become one of these over-sharing old people.

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