Driving a Tesla upside down on Buggy wheels! The Internet goes Crazy Over this Mind-blowing Ride of Tesla.
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Driving A Tesla Upside Down On Buggy Wheels! | The Internet Goes Crazy Over This Mind-blowing Ride Of Tesla.

The internet is becoming more and more bizarre than ever. We bet you have never seen or heard of a Tesla going upside down on Massive Buggy Wheels. WhistlinDiesel, a popular American YouTuber, recently drove a Tesla on four Buggy wheels which are 10ft tall. He made his intrusive thoughts win by even driving the Tesla upside down.

WhistlinDiesel uses the big wheel placement in an RC (Radio-controlled) car to make his mesmerizing thoughts a reality. The Buggy wheels are made 10 feet tall to ensure that the Tesla doesn’t touch the ground even when it’s driven upside down. The wheels are also made with supporting tires to smooth the ride. 

Buggy wheels which replaced the actual wheels of Tesla were driven easily, to everyone’s surprise. “It looks like the car is just floating,” said WhistlinDiesel. The Tesla is flipped upside down using a backhoe. But driving it upside down was no easy task. WhistlinDiesel did the unthinkable while blood was rushing to his head

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