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What is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become?

What is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become

What is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become? The question strikes a chord in today’s world, where prices seem skyrocketing. As we dive into the insights shared by Reddit users on the ASK REDDIT subreddit, you’ll discover many perspectives on items and experiences that have lost value due to their high costs. 


 A Reddit user couldn’t help but express their disbelief at the $6.99 price tag on a bag of Doritos. It’s a sentiment shared by many who remember when these snacks used to be affordable. The rising cost of everyday snacks is a pain point for anyone looking to satisfy their cravings without breaking the bank.

Subscription Overload 

Another has pointed out that the proliferation of subscriptions for everything from streaming services to software has become overwhelming. It’s easy to relate to the frustration of feeling nickel-and-dimed by numerous subscriptions, leading many to question whether they really need all of them.

 Fast Food 

The days of fast food being an inexpensive treat are long gone. Now, it often rivals the prices of higher-end restaurants. That makes it harder to choose what used to be a budget-friendly dining option.


Another highlight is the exorbitant fees and extras associated with concert tickets, which can make attending live events financially out of reach for many. It’s a sad reality for music lovers who simply want to enjoy their favorite bands without breaking the bank.


Another Reddit user brings attention to the hidden fees of AirBnB. It can drive up the cost of a traditional hotel. These additional expenses have tarnished the allure of cost-effective lodging.

Cable Television 

As a user points out, traditional cable television has become a pricey relic in a world of streaming services. It’s a pain point for those looking for affordable entertainment options.

Fixing Things 

One user complains that replacing broken items is often cheaper than fixing them. This shift has made the once-rewarding act of repairing things less practical and cost-effective.

Cost of Living/Housing 

Another user expresses the sentiment shared by many about the skyrocketing cost of living and housing. It’s a harsh reality that has left many feeling financially strained.


As highlighted by another user, the rising price of brisket mirrors the trend of certain foods becoming more expensive due to increased demand. Barbecue enthusiasts may find themselves shelling out more for this once-affordable cut of meat.

Gestures broadly at everything

One user sums it all up humorously by gesturing broadly at everything. Indeed, the increasing cost of various goods and services has left many wondering if anything is truly worth it anymore.

From snacks like Doritos to housing and entertainment, the sentiment is clear: many things are no longer worth it due to their expensive price tags. What do you think is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become? Share your thoughts below!

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