the first ever electric walking bike

Dutch designer Bruin Bergmeester invented this bicycle that combines a treadmill and a bicycle, offering an amazing approach to cycling. This article highlights the features, potential appeal, and functionality of this amazing electric walking bike.

Concept of The Bike

The bike features a treadmill powered by a 350W Samsung lithium-ion battery. This allows users to walk while the treadmill rotates. The treadmill is aligned on a longer-than-usual bike base. This offers a high level of stability and support for walking movements. Unlike traditional bikes, this bike doesn’t have a seat. This is solely created for walking purposes.

Range and Performance

The 350W battery supply enough power to cover distances of 30-50 miles. This is much more when compared to many electric commuter bikes. Riders have the opportunity can choose their selected speed or gear, ranging from four to 17 miles per hour. Lopifit confirms that walkers using the bike can either match or exceed the speed of another cyclist on the same route.

Eye-catching designs and features 

This bike has a powder-coated steel frame with a lot of color options, providing an appealing design. The handlebar-mounted display informs the users about the battery level. The back rack gives space to keep packages.

Usage and Consideration

This bike weighs approximately 125 pounds, which might be a drawback for some users. The unique nature, features, and price of this invention will limit its usage among many. Individuals seeking an electric walking experience will prefer this bike, which offers an alternative to traditional biking or walking.

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