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The Future of Lung Cancer Treatment: Pill That Halves Lung Cancer Deaths


Research expanding a decade has given amazing results. Showing that a pill called osimertinib can lower the risk of dying from lung cancer by 51%. Lung cancer is the main cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, roughly taking  1.8 million lives each year. The research done by the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting gives new hope to patients with non-small cell lung cancer. The most common form of the disease.

Study Overview

In the Study done by Yale University, the Adaura trial had patients aged 30 to 86 across 26 countries. The research targeted individuals with a specific mutation of the EGFR gene.

Which is available in about a quarter of global lung cancer cases and up to 40% in Asia. This mutation is more common in women, as well as in individuals who have been light smokers or never smoked.

Reduced Risk

Consumption of osimertinib after surgery displayed a major reduction in the risk of death for lung cancer patients. The trial results displayed a 51% reduction in death for patients. Who received osimertinib compared to those who received a placebo.

In addition after a period of five years, 88% of patients who consumed the pill were still alive. When compared to 78% of patients who received the placebo.

Standard Of Care

Dr. Roy S. Herbst, at Yale School of Medicine, affirmed the results as “thrilling” and confirmed that they solidify the pill’s status as a “practice-changing” treatment. He stressed the fact that osimertinib should become the main medication for lung cancer patients.

Availability and Future Implications:

Many patients in the US, UK, and other countries already have access to osimertinib. Dr. Herbst confirms that more patients will be cured by this treatment. He stressed the fact for wider testing for the EGFR mutation upon lung cancer identification to make sure that required patients can receive the appropriate therapy.

Results Across Subgroups

The study showed continuous survival benefits across various subgroups. Namely patients with stage one, stage two, and stage three lung cancer. In addition, the survival benefits were seen whether the patients had previously undergone chemotherapy. The trial consisted of a major proportion of female patients, and results stated that osimertinib can be used for treating both smokers and non-smokers diagnosed with lung cancer.

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