This Man Has Never Seen A Woman!

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Kushani Gunathilaka
This man has never seen a women

Imagine living your entire life in seclusion, a world devoid of half the human population. You’ve never seen a mother bustling about with her child, a sister sharing a secret with her brother, or a woman walking alongside a man. For Michael Tolotos, this was not an imaginary scenario but his reality. Born in 1856, Michael lived an astonishing 82 years without ever laying eyes on a woman!

The Unusual Beginnings

Michael’s story starts on a rather somber note in Greece. Within hours of his birth, tragedy struck when his mother passed away. With no one left to care for the infant, he was left on the steps of a Greek Orthodox monastery on Mount Athos, an area steeped in Orthodox Christian beliefs.

This act of abandonment was the first step into his extraordinary, woman-free existence. The compassionate monks, residing on what is often referred to as the Holy Mountain, took him in, giving him the name Michael, or Mihailo in Greek.

Life Within The Walls

Growing up, Michael never ventured beyond the monastery walls. Mount Athos, for the uninitiated, isn’t just any mountain. It’s home to twenty Orthodox monasteries, each teeming with ascetic monks from diverse backgrounds – Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Romanian. These monks pledge to lead lives devoid of any “sensual pleasure.”

What’s even more intriguing about Mount Athos is its age-old charter from 1060. This charter strictly banned the presence of all women, including female animals. Yes, you read that right. No females, human or animal, are allowed within the 130 square mile expanse of Mount Athos, making it the world’s largest area from which women are banned. This also implies that no eggs or milk are produced in the area, leading the monks to import such products.

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The Reason Behind The Ban

At this point, one might wonder, why such an extreme measure? Dr. Graham Speake, author of Mount Athos: Renewal in Paradise, offers some insight. He shared with the BBC that this charter likely aimed at ensuring that monks maintained their sacred pledge of celibacy. The idea of excluding women from monasteries isn’t new and dates back to the Byzantine era. However, what sets Mount Athos apart is the way the entire peninsula is perceived — as one massive monastery.

This unique approach to monastic life is evident in other aspects as well. For instance, monks there don’t shave and maintain long beards, a practice ensuring no woman could ever hide among them. It’s not an isolated practice; several other holy sites globally, such as Mount Omine in Japan and Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai, have similar restrictions on women.

Michael’s Life and Legacy

Being raised in such a cloistered environment meant that Michael was insulated from the world outside. While many monks might have seen women before taking their vows and joining the monastic order, Michael was an exception. Throughout his life, he remained within the confines of the monastery. He abided by the strict rules that forbade monks from fighting, arguing, or even being curious about the outside world.

So, when Michael Tolotos passed away in 1983, he did so without ever knowing what a woman looked like. He locked the revered image of The Virgin Mary. She is the sole female presence allowed at Mount Athos.

Michael’s life might seem unbelievable to many. But it shows the dedication and commitment of those who choose the monastic way. It serves as a testament to the lengths humans can go in their quest for spirituality and devotion.


In an era where information is at our fingertips, and the world is more connected than ever, Michael Tolotos’ story is a poignant reminder of a time and place where life’s choices were shaped not just by personal will but by tradition and faith.

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