Bigfoot has just ‘spotted’ in Colorado with a whole video

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Bigfoot has just 'spotted' in Colorado with a whole video

In a quiet part of the Colorado wilderness, a couple’s memorable anniversary trip turned into an unexpected adventure when they recorded a video that rekindled the age-old Bigfoot legend. They came across a strange and mysterious figure wandering in the mountains. And the footage they shot has created a big debate among people who believe and those who don’t.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, Yeti, or Yowie, has been a fascinating story passed down through the years. This tall, ape-like creature is said to live in the wild areas of the northwestern United States and western Canada. However, even with many stories, no scientific proof exists that it’s real.

The most recent chapter of this ongoing mystery happened in the beautiful Colorado landscape. Shannon and Stetson Parker took a trip to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary there. Little did they know that this trip would take them right into the heart of the Bigfoot legend.

The Sighting of Bigfoot

While they were on a sightseeing trip on a train between Durango and Silverton, Stetson, Shannon’s husband, suddenly saw something unusual moving in the rugged mountains. His immediate reaction? “Bigfoot!”

The creature they saw was at least six to seven feet tall, a giant figure that blended perfectly with the mountain’s sagebrush. The Parkers, who were originally doubtful, quickly became true believers as they watched this mysterious being.

Capturing the Mystery – The Viral Video

Shannon Parker didn’t waste any time sharing their incredible experience. She posted a video on Facebook, recorded by fellow passenger Brandon, who sat next to Stetson on the train. The video shows the enigmatic creature strolling through the rocky wilderness and eventually sitting down to rest. It quickly became very popular and caught the attention of both believers and doubters.

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Debates and Reactions

Like any extraordinary claim, the video started some intense debates. People who believe in Bigfoot think this is undeniable proof of its existence, while those who are skeptical say it might be a cleverly planned stunt for attention.

Shannon Parker is completely sure about what they saw, and even the train conductor, who knows the mountains well, confirmed that it was an unusual sighting.

A Look into History

The story of Bigfoot goes back to 1958 when a man-made plaster casts of giant footprints he said he found. But the beginnings of this story go much further back. Native American stories from the Pacific Northwest tell of a giant, hair-covered creature called Tsonoqua, which is thought to be the start of the Sasquatch legend.

In Australia, there’s a similar creature called the Yowie, and its story comes from the stories passed down by Aboriginal people.


The video shot by the Parkers has sparked new interest in the Bigfoot legend. Believers are excited about this possible discovery, while skeptics are more cautious. The existence of Bigfoot still hasn’t been proven by science. As the debates go on, the legend of Bigfoot lives on, making us wonder about the secrets hidden in the depths of our planet’s wilderness.

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