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14 Strange Rains on Earth You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

Have you ever imagined rain turning red, or skies pouring down spiders instead of water? Sounds like straight out of a sci-fi movie, right? But, believe it or not, our Earth has had its fair share of bizarre rain incidents. Let’s dive into some of the most unusual ones

1. The Red Rain in Kerala

In July 1957, the Indian state of Kerala witnessed bright red raindrops. Initially suspected to be due to a meteorite burst, it was later discovered that the rain was dyed with algae spores carried by the wind. Today, this phenomenon is not uncommon in the region.

2. Milky Rain

In Oregon, USA, there was rain that looked like milk! It could have been from a faraway volcano or maybe some special dust.

3. Green Rain

Imagine rain that’s green! This happened in Calcutta because of tiny bits of flowers and fruit in the air. 

4. Black Rain

This isn’t about dark clouds; the rain itself was black! It’s because of dusty stuff from volcanoes or even space!

5. Brown Rain in Russia

In Russia, rain once looked muddy brown. This mysterious rain, initially suspected to be industrial pollution, was found to be dust traveling from Africa.

6. Coin Shower in Russia

In 1940, a tornado picked up and dropped over a thousand old silver coins in Russia, like it was raining money.

7. Diamond Rain

On Jupiter and Saturn, it rains diamonds! These diamonds can be as big as half an inch because of the special air on these planets.

8. Leafy Rain

In France in 1869, people once saw oak tree leaves fall from a clear sky! A big wind from days before was the reason.

9. Spider Rain

Sometimes, spiders use their webs to float in the air, and they can look like they’re raining down from the sky.

10. Corn Rains

Both Evans, Colorado, and Kansas have had their bizarre incidents of corn kernels and husks raining down mysteriously.

11. Apple Rain in England

Big apples dropped like rain and dented some cars. Wind from a nearby apple farm caused this.

12. Golf Ball Hail in Florida

In 1969, literal golf balls showered down on the Florida coast, likely carried by strong winds from the numerous local golf courses.

13. Shooting Stars

These aren’t actual stars but tiny rocks that burn and shine brightly when they come down. They look like stars falling and are super pretty to watch!

14. Pink Snow

Not rain, but some snow is pink! It’s because of the tiny plants in the snow that make it look like watermelon ice cream.

So, nature has many fun and weird surprises! Always look up; you never know what the sky might drop next. And remember, always have an umbrella handy, just in case!

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Written by MSM Riham

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