iPhone 15 might get a long-awaited Android feature

Apple’s next big thing, the iPhone 15, is creating some serious buzz. Why? It might finally catch up to a feature Android fans have loved for a while.

Inside sources hint that the iPhone 15 could get a major boost in how fast it charges. We’re talking about 35W fast charging. If true, this lines up with talks about the iPhone getting Thunderbolt support through its USB-C port. For comparison, the current iPhone 14 charges at 20W for the basic model and 27W for the fancier Pro.

Here’s the best part: With 35W, iPhones could fully charge in just a bit over an hour. That’s a game-changer for folks always on the go. There’s also chatter about the iPhone 15 having a bigger battery, thanks to a new design inside the phone.

But, there’s a catch. Some are wondering if off-brand cables might not charge as fast. While 35W isn’t the fastest out there, it’s a big leap for Apple. They’ve been a bit behind when it comes to charging speed.

All eyes are now on Apple’s big event in September. Reliable tech experts think this charging upgrade is pretty likely. If it’s true, iPhone fans have a lot to be excited about.

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