This 80-year-old Man Hasn't Slept For 60 Years!

Imagine, if you will, a life without sleep. This is the extraordinary reality of Thai Ngoc, an 80-year-old from the province of Quang Nam in Vietnam. For him, the realm of dreams is a lost world, a place he hasn’t visited since 1962!

A Life Altered

Ngoc’s story began with a severe fever in 1962. The fever, rather than subsiding and leaving him in peace, robbed him of his ability to sleep. It was initially brushed off as a brief anomaly. However, the condition persisted, leading to a life without any sleep.

The Unseen Reality

Many have sworn to Ngoc’s unbroken sleeplessness. His family, friends, neighbors, and even the curious eyes of the media believed he hadn’t taken a rest. Not one person has ever seen him sleep. Ngoc’s unusual existence gained global attention when YouTuber Drew Binsky tracked him down and unfolded his story. The video gained millions of views and audiences worldwide were captivated by his record.

Living the Unbelievable Life!

Living without sleep is, without a doubt, a tough ordeal. Insomnia, as it’s commonly known, usually is damaging to one’s physical and mental well-being. But, astonishingly, Ngoc has defied these norms. He remains healthy and actively contributes to his family. Not only that, he has not experienced any ill effects due to his constant sleeplessness. Ngoc maintains a balanced diet and finds solace in simple pleasures like green tea and wine. He also reveals a sense of longing—a desire to experience the restorative joy of sleep like the rest of the world.

Medical Mysteries and Theories

Medical professionals and experts are scratching their heads over Ngoc’s condition. They present numerous theories but no final explanations. Some speculate about a potential genetic mutation allowing him to live without the need for sleep. Others consider the possibility of unnoticed microsleeps providing his brain with brief periods of rest.

Regardless, the lack of conclusive evidence makes his condition fascinating. In a way, it is also a testament to the unexplored potential of the human body.


Thai Ngoc’s journey is not just a tale of endless wakefulness; it’s a reflection on the essence and significance of sleep and an exploration of the myriad mysteries concealed within the human body. His life is a living paradox, unraveling the intricacies of human existence and posing profound questions about our capabilities and limitations.

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