Future Of Cycling | Newest Invention Rides on Tracks, Not Wheels!

Future Of Cycling Newest Invention Rides on Tracks, Not Wheels!

Bicycles have been our loyal companions since the early 19th century, their essence embodied by the iconic wheels. YouTube engineer, Sergii Gordieiev, also known as The Q‘, has come up with his newest invention. It compels us to reimagine the fundamental essence of bicycles—say goodbye to traditional wheels and hello to tracks.

Innovative Design:

Instead of wheels, Sergii’s bike sports tank-like treaded tracks. When the rider pedals, the tracks move to propel the bike forward—a stark contrast to the spinning wheels we’ve grown accustomed to. This new design isn’t just eye-catching with its uniquely angled track strips but also grants more stability to the rider.

Mechanics and Stability:

The “Bike on Tracks” operates similarly to a tank, where rotating belts drive the bike forward. Sergii introduced an additional gear that links the pedals to the rear wheel’s apex, optimizing this unique structure. The tracks are firmly fixed at two points, maintaining their angular orientation and guaranteeing a smooth, stable ride.

Unique Characteristics:

The bike’s unique design does bring some distinct features. It tends to be on the slower side, and the moving tracks can be noisy. However, this provides a unique and stable riding experience, allowing users to see cycling from a different perspective.

Online Buzz:

The digital world has embraced this innovative bike with open arms. Its unconventional, tank-like design has sparked both excitement and a flood of enhancement suggestions. The discussions range from the bike’s practicality and maneuverability to its adaptability to different surfaces. However, it’s essential to remember that Sergii’s invention is more about the joy of creating than solving specific problems.

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The “Bike on Tracks” by ‘The Q’ is more than just a product of inventive thinking. It symbolizes the boundless capabilities of human imagination and the myriad ways we can redefine the world we live in. Whether aimed at solving real-world problems or simply for the love of invention, creations like these lay down the foundation for a future filled with limitless possibilities in cycling and many other domains.

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