Future Of Urban Transportation | New VM45 AKA Katanga Velomobile Hits The Road!

Future Of Urban Transport New VM45 AKA Katanga Velomobile Hits The Road!

Urban transport has taken a few surprising turns over the years. But the future of Urban transport is re-defined as the new VM45, aka Katanga Velomobile, hits the road! This incredible vehicle has a unique streamlined body. Recently it took over the road at a speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). Let’s dive in to learn more about this fascinating invention!

New VM45 AKA Katanga Velomobile Hits The Road!

VM45, or the Katanga Velomobile, is a creation of the Czech mobility company Katanga. The production of this prototype vehicle started in 2021. Katanga hopes to bring an exciting and energy-efficient transport solution to the world. This incredible product hit the road just a few days ago with Katanga President.

One of the most incredible things about Katanga is it uses the rider’s pedal power to carry the vehicle. The vehicle also uses a 7-speed, auto-shifting, 750-watt Valeo motor/gearbox. So, the electric assistance enhances the pedal power of the rider. When combined, the vehicle can reach up to a speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).

The Innovative design features many fascinating characteristics. The velomobile has four 20-inch bicycle wheels. It also features an entire aerodynamic shell that sits on top of the wheels. The vehicle’s streamlined shape helps it gain speed better than an upright bicycle. The vehicle has enough cargo space and is suitable for various weather conditions.

Image Source: New Atlas

The vehicle’s body has a lockable hatch on its side where the driver can get into the cockpit. The rear has another small hatch that opens up to the cargo space. Aramid and carbon fibers make up the vehicle’s body. Not just that, the vehicle also features an entire front and rear lighting system with turn indicators.

The whole vehicle roughly measures up to 79 kg (174 lb). This prototype VM45 can carry a maximum weight of 121 kg (267 lb), including rider and cargo. Stephane Boving, President of Katanga, says this is considered a ‘light on-road quad‘ in Europe.

The company has yet to take the authority to put the vehicle on the market officially. But they are hoping to expand soon into the market. This could potentially be a game changer in urban transportation.

Image Source: New Atlas


As the new VM45, aka Katanga Velomobile, hits the road, the future of transport is re-defined! This new vehicle is an energy-efficient and exciting transport solution. The vehicle is an incredible project of Katanga and WAW Velomobiles. The Velomobile offers some unique features to transform ordinary transport modes.

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