Apollo which is the most popular iOS app for browsing Reddit, will shut down on June 30th due to new API pricing. Inventor Christian Selig shared this news on a Reddit post, explaining that the rise in cost will incur more than $ 20 million per year.

Challenging Claims of Inefficiency

Selig mentioned that  Apollo is “less efficient” than other apps, saying that the company is misrepresenting data. He highlighted that Apollo uses only a tiny fraction of Reddit’s earlier stated API rate limits, dismissing claims of excessive resource usage.

Evidence Against Blackmail Allegations

The Apollo developer’s post contains a partial audio recording of a conversation between Selig and a Reddit employee — because Selig wants to prove he never blackmailed Reddit for $10 million. Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt said no to comment but said that the company decided to post further details on Thursday and Friday.

Apollo’s Fate

Reddit faced a lot of critisism in its announcement regarding new API pricing. In response to the critisism, the platform made an exemption for developers of accessibility apps, providing some relief. However, this exemption does not seem to provide a solution for Apollo, the beloved iOS app. As a result, the future of Apollo remains uncertain, leaving its fate hanging in the balance.

As the closure of Apollo comes near, the Reddit community eagerly awaits the platform’s updates and an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with CEO Steve Huffman on Friday, where they hope to gain clarity on the latest API updates and related matters.

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