FBI releases online game to teach Kids Internet safety skills

FBI releases online game to teach Kids Internet safety skills

The FBI has rolled out a new online game, the Safe Online Surfing (SOS) Internet Challenge, to help kids learn about internet safety in a fun way.

What’s the Game About?

The SOS Internet Challenge is designed for students in grades three to eight. It covers important topics like cyberbullying, creating strong passwords, understanding malware, and using social media safely. The website is bilingual, available in both English and Spanish. While anyone can explore the activities, teachers need to register their classes for the testing and competition segments.

Information for Teachers

Any teacher in the U.S. from public, private, or home schools with at least five students can join. The program offers a user-friendly online system for class management and grading.

Each month, the classes with the best scores get special FBI-SOS certificates. Some might even get a visit from local FBI agents to congratulate them in person!

The content aligns with state and federal guidelines on internet safety education. Teachers can sign up on the SOS Teacher Sign-Up page. A key point: the FBI doesn’t keep any student data. Teachers handle student participation and test keys. The testing and competition run from September 1 to May 31, taking a break in the summer.

Details for Parents

Parents can access the SOS website anytime from home, no sign-up needed. It’s found at sos.fbi.gov. Kids can take their time with the activities, but they’ll need to finish in one sitting because federal rules don’t allow saving progress between sessions.

In our digital age, the FBI’s game is a timely tool, ensuring kids have the skills to stay safe online. It’s a blend of education and engagement, preparing the next generation for a safer online journey.

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