The Newest Intelligent Parking Robots: Unlocking the Future of Smart and Hassle-free Parking.

Intelligent Parking Robots

The future of Parking vehicles has reached a whole new level. Intelligent parking robots are now readily available to park vehicles smartly and efficiently. Smart parking has been a developing concept for a while now. But Jimu has taken the leap. Jimu has constructed the future of parking. This smart and fully autonomous parking is unlike anything you have ever seen. 

What are Intelligent Parking Robots?

Intelligent Parking Robots are a smart and efficient parking system. These robots have developed software and algorithms. They have made parking hassle-free for drivers. Parking robots are uniquely made with two pieces. The design has Center-positioned robot arms and differential driving units.

The driver only has to put the required parameters on a screen at a transfer zone. The robots then take the vehicle from there without creating any trouble for the driver.

How does it work?

Transfer Zone collects the vehicle from the driver. The vehicle is scanned and measured at the Zone. The screen placed at the transfer zone collects the User’s information. The user has to confirm the details of the parked vehicle. Two-pieced parking robots approach the vehicle from underneath

The centre-positioned robot pieces then release their arms around the wheel. Robot arms lift the wheels. The vehicle is then driven to the relevant parking lot. The driver receives a real-time alert of the vehicle’s ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) through the app. 

The robot can handle a weight of 2.3 tons, approximately 5000 lbs. Lidar, vision and inertial are used in the navigation. The driver can pick up the vehicle through facial recognition at the transfer zone. The self-driving robots will bring the vehicle right back to the driver. 

Benefits of Intelligent Parking Robots

  • Adapted to different vehicle models

Adjustable robot arms have the ability to adapt to different wheelbases and driveshaft lengths. 

  • No need to carry Auxillary equipment

There is no need to carry boards, support frames or combs to support the parking.

  • Better parking experience

The driver only has to reach the transfer zone, and the robot takes over the task

  • Fully Autonomous driving technology

Fully autonomous technology allows proper indoor positioning, navigation, avoiding obstacles, etc. 

  • Robot Management System 

The system increases operational efficiency and improves the use of space.

  • Ensures vehicle safety

Facial recognition and detailed confirmation from the driver at the entrance and exit ensure the vehicle is safe within the premise. 

  • Minimizing potential damages to the vehicle

The intelligent robot parking system navigates and positions the vehicle efficiently

  • Self Charging

Robots charge automatically when the battery is low. 

Applications of Intelligent Parking Robots

The CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection And Research Institute) has accepted Intelligent Parking Robots. The operation of the robots in parking lots is accomplished by passing the test. Intelligent Parking Robots can be implemented in Shopping Malls, Transportation hubs, Public buildings and Car Plants.

The system uses the cooperation of multiple robots to move the vehicles. The effective arrangement of vehicles by their size increases the parking capacity by 30% to 40%. 


The parking of vehicles has reached a whole new dimension with Intelligent Parking Robots. Parking is efficient and smart with this system. The unique design makes the robot adaptable to any vehicle mode. This Autonomous technology is unlike something you have ever seen before. 

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