There are several reasons why GoGoPDF is one of the most reliable and the most amazing PDF tools right now. One of those reasons is its helpful tools such as the Split PDF, PDF converter, PDF Merge, and more. To know more information about GoGoPDF and its tools, then you should finish reading this whole article.

GogoPDF Can Split Your PDFs

GoGoPDF offers an effortless way on how to split a PDF using its Split PDF tool. As you might already know, online PDF tools are handy, especially if you have PDF files that you need to convert. GoGoPDF has all sorts of PDF tools such as PDF converting tools, mergers, splits, and more.

GoGoPDF’s PDF online splitting tool allows you to separate or extract specific pages from your original PDF file. This excellent tool from GoGoPDF is beneficial, especially if you have some files from your PDF that you want to separate or if you want to create a new PDF file for it. This tool also doesn’t require any third-party software to run, which makes it convenient.

The Split PDF tool is perfect for people that have a busy schedule because it can be accessed whenever you want, and not just that. This online tool is also for free, making GoGoPDF different from other online PDF tools that you can find on the internet. Most PDF tools on the internet require some monthly fees before you can use their tools.

So, if you want to experience high-quality outputs such as PDF conversions, splitting, merging, and more, then you should use GoGoPDF. Don’t even try using other PDF tool sites online because most of them aren’t as good as GoGoPDF regarding quality and reliability.

Merge Your PDF Documents Easily

The Merge PDF tool of GoGoPDF is an online PDF tool that you can trust. It merges or combines PDF in just a matter of seconds. It also can join multiple pages if you need to. But the big question here is why is that you need to choose an excellent merging tool? That’s because you need to make sure that your information is safe and well-protected.

Here are some key features that you have to know about the Merge PDF tool of GoGoPDF. As has been mentioned, it can merge multiple PDF files or pages into another PDF file that you have. It can also run on different browsers such as Apple’s main browser “Safari,” and Google Chrome. Other browsers aside from the two can also be used to pull-up this tool.

Merging accuracy should also be your top priority when choosing the perfect merging tool. With GoGoPDF’s Merge PDF, you can assure that it has the highest merging accuracy compared to other online merging tools on the internet right now. It also preserves every single detail that your file has, such as photo quality, text fonts, and more.

Here’s a little tutorial on how you can effectively merge your PDF document using GoGoPDF’s most helpful PDF merging tool. You should first upload your file by clicking the Select Files, and then GoGoPDF will let you choose what pages you want to merge. After selecting the right pages, GoGoPDF will start connecting your files, which you can download after completing it.

Repair Your PDF Files

If you face some problems with your PDF, such as it got damaged, corrupted, or you couldn’t open it anymore. GoGoPDF might help you with your problem since it has a PDF repair tool that you can access on its site and use for free. Yes, you heard it right, this tool won’t charge you a dime, which is perfect for people that don’t have enough budget.

Even though the Repair PDF tool of GoGoPDF is one of the best PDF repair tools right now, it still gives a 100% guarantee that it can repair or fix your PDF. There are instances that a particular file is unrepairable despite using an excellent PDF repair tool such as GoGoPDF’s Repair PDF tool. This is why you need to take care of your PDF documents.

Once Repair PDF scans your PDF and sees that your file can still be fixed, it will start the process of restoring your PDF right away. The Repair PDF offers the fastest repair process on the planet and the most accurate. Within minutes, your PDF will be all-new and fresh for you to use right away.


If you’re looking for online PDF tools such as Repair PDF, Merge PDF, and Split PDF, GoGoPDF should be your top choice. It’s not only the best out there, but it’s also the safest online tool you can ever use. It’s SSL certified, which means that hackers won’t be able to see your information.

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