Using Hajri Book For Dukaan App

Hajri Book For Dukaan App
Hajri Book For Dukaan App


Why would one use the Dukaan app instead of a hajri book for attendance? Today, the COVID 19 pandemic makes online presence and mobile phone apps inevitable for even small shop owners, workplaces, offices, and businesses that have to shift to the WFH- work from home policy. Thus the search for mobile apps and the role of attendance supervision is essential.

What is the Dukaan app about?

The Dukaan app allows small businesses to go online, monitor attendance, maintain accounts, sell their services or products using their mobile apps, WhatsApp, etc., to showcase their product catalog. Some notable apps are the  Khatabook, OkCredit, Dukaan, etc. These apps are safe, free generally, and secure. Plus, they add features like the Hajri book or attendance register, free SMS updates, automatic online data backup, the creation of inventory, accounting, sales, purchases, and online ledgers and journals, making small businesses more efficient, fast, and profitable.

Benefits of the online applications:

Some of the benefits of the online Dukaan app with Hajri book are:

  • The app provides an accurate hajri book/ attendance chart across unlimited teams, automatic attendance-based salary computation, and manual human errors in spreadsheets. 
  • The automated timesheets of the app make the HR functions and the business more efficient, especially with enterprises having more than 20 employees and multiple locations. 
  • It also makes data management easy and provides historical data.
  • Monitoring WFH work hours, passcodes, slack integration, etc., of each employee and measuring their performance is a huge task when offline or due to connectivity issues. 
  • The apps provide shift management features, easy-to-use dashboards, information on leaves, overtime, absences, sick leave, etc., at a glance.
  • Checking your employee’s whereabouts, especially during WFH and across multiple locations, is a problem easily resolved since the app’s hajri book comes with GPS tracking software. 
  • The app permits selfies to log in, geo-location trackers, has an offline mode with the capability for online analysis, free SMS, reporting, and more.
  • It makes the leave management and salary calculation process transparent and easy to use. 
  • It is compatible with Chrome, Windows, MAC, Android, and IOS. 
  • You can use it almost anywhere and across healthcare, food, hotels, real estate, manufacturing, education, businesses, offices, etc.
  • Compliance is now easy with WFH being mandatory since the software used for tracking has 24×7 customer support, MS integration, etc.
  • Most important is that the free app is buddy-proof, easy to use, and needs no technical knowledge. 


Everyone is in business to earn a profit, find loyal customers, and show off their product catalogs online. For this, you need staff, an attendance app or hajri book, an online presence during the pandemic times, and the Dukaan app that allows even the small businesses to flourish. If you are trying to take your dukaan online, start today with an app like the Dukan, Khatabook, Jiggle apps!