The hard disk is the most used hardware for the storage of information at the enterprise level due to the large volume of data it can store and the low cost per megabyte that it has.

A failure in this device can bring many problems to a company and there is a tendency to think that the data has been lost forever. But is this really so? No, a hard drive can actually be repaired.

Is it corrupted, formatted, or erased? At we can surely help you.

Recover data from your hard drive

Our company can help you recover the data from your hard drive. The information that you thought you had irretrievably lost, with qualified personnel and advanced recovery systems, we can recover it.

There are two types of problems that a hard drive can suffer:

Mechanical damage: falling or hitting the disk, stopping the motor that allows the movement of the reading heads, breakage of the block of reading heads, bad sectors or voltage spikes that have affected the disk.

Software or other failures: disks not recognizable by Windows or other operating systems, disks that ask to be formatted so that they can be read, a damaged computer or laptop that prevents access to the content of the disk or corruption of the hard disk firmware.

In the vast majority of cases the discs can be saved. Whether your drive is damaged, formatted, or files deleted by mistake, we can recover all your data for you. Trust our specially trained staff to repair your hard drive and save your data. Remember that attempting to manipulate a hard drive without the necessary knowledge can lead to irreversible damage.

The data of a company

The greatest asset of a company is its data. The difficulty of access to these makes us fear their loss, with the deterioration, sometimes very serious, that it can cause to the operation of our company. If you do not have a strict fault tolerance system or up-to-date and adequate backups, in the event of a general failure of your hard drives, you can lose all your information.

Accidental or intentional deletion of files can be overcome with specialized media and personnel. Regardless of the type of problem you have, the support or the platform you use, at Salvagedata we have a large percentage of success in recovering data from damaged and accidentally erased discs.

How to recover data from a hard drive?

The techniques used will vary depending on the cause of the failure. In any case, SIS Soria has agreements with companies that have specialized and cutting-edge technicians to repair the hard drive of your organization and fully recover your data.

Whatever the reason for your storage drive failure, rest assured that you have the necessary equipment and expertise to recover your organization’s data quickly and affordably. Get an estimate or reserve your free diagnostic service by emailing us or calling us today. Whatever the device and whatever the cause, we have a solution.

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Do not hesitate, if the hard disk is damaged, the virtual machine does not work, database fails, the server does not work, inaccessible raid or damaged solid disk drive, important SQL data deleted, defective NAS drive, dysfunctional SAN, etc, we can help you!

We offer a complete professional data recovery service to companies, charities and private entities around the world. If you have lost data, we can help you!

We offer a free diagnostic service in 24-48 hours that will provide you with a report of your media, a list of recoverable files and a no-obligation estimate to recover the data. If you do not wish to proceed, we will return your device to you and you will not have to pay a penny!

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