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Large storage for your devices is essential primarily if your job or school works uses tons of files or requires you to download heaps of applications. Squeezing all of your files into a device that has low storage can be impossible. But now, we’re going to show you how you can solve such problems!

Compress your files

It is tough to fit all of your files into your devices, especially when it has low storage. Compressing other files or applications is also impossible. But unlike other formats and applications, PDF files are compressible. For instance, using a compress PDF file tool, this kind of device is very accessible and easy to use.

File compression reduces one file’s file size or more than one file. Usually, when your files compress, you can save fifty to ninety percent of your storage space more than the original uncompressed files.

Each formula for compressing a file is different, but they all have the same goal. The objective is to remove all the redundant data by replacing the regular pattern with a much smaller variable.

For instance, to make it a smaller file, compressing will replace the plain text in the file with numbers or other short identifiers. Opening a compressed file might vary depending on what file was a squeeze.

Things you should know when compressing your PDF files

We all know that PDF files are a trendy electronic document format today. The PDF means Portable Document Format. This format is modern because you can send your PDF file to anyone without worrying about your security or even the worries if your file is readable.

PDF is an independent format that is why you won’t need any application to open this type of file. All you need to have a modern browser that is already available even on your mobile devices. It merely means people nowadays can’t live without the PDF file format.

The PDF files are used as a format for the school lesson you have, eBooks, presentations for your meeting, important business proposals, and even the blueprint you have. Everyone uses this kind of electronic document.

There can be times where you will receive tons of PDF files, or you have to resend them back and forth via the internet., which means you sometimes need to compress some of your PDF files because some tools where you send your PDF limits only the size of your attached files.

The common purpose why many who use PDF compress their PDF files is for them to reduce the size of their PDF files, and it makes them easily share their PDF files via Gmail or email, and other kinds of social media.

Although compressing your PDF files sometimes is required, you still have to look out for the quality of the compressed PDF file you have. Not all compressed PDF files will remain in the same structure. That is why choosing the right platform like GogoPDF must ensure your PDF’s quality over its size.

There are a lot of options for you when you want to compress your file, for instance, compressing images when your PDF consists of tons of photos, it will surely take up too much of your storage as the size of it gets more significant because of the images inside the file. You should look out for the quality of the photos in this kind of file.

Before you compress your PDF files, you need to know how the compression will affect your PDF files. Know the formula your tool is using as all means varies, and also, you must know the areas where they eliminate the most. Make sure it doesn’t damage too much of the PDF file you compressed.

If you don’t save a backup of your PDF file, it will be impossible for you to return your compressed file to the original size. That is why having a backup of your PDF files before compressing them is a must.

Platforms right for you

There are many platforms available for it, maybe downloadable platforms or online platforms. Some of them require you to pay a premium for you to use their tools, but with GogoPDF, all of their tools are free and easy to use. They also guarantee user security and quality.


Nowadays, it is easy to find tools with the help of Google, but finding a platform that guarantees quality can be very difficult. That is why you should always look out for a PDF file compressing tool that values your user experience and privacy like the GogoPDF.

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