Diagnosed Narcissist Shares Riddle That May Reveal If You’re a Psychopath

Diagnosed Narcissist Shares Riddle That May Reveal If You're a Psychopath

Nowadays, it’s quite common to come across clinical terms related to personality disorders on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. However, not everyone using these terms actually gets them right.

A person diagnosed with narcissism, Jacob Skidmore, shares a riddle that supposedly helps identify if you might be a psychopath. Skidmore is active on TikTok as “The Nameless Narcissist.” 

In Tiktok, Jacob uses his diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder as a starting point to discuss various aspects of narcissism. His focus is on how he navigates the world, particularly how his diagnosis affects his relationships.

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Before starting the riddle he mentions that the riddle doesn’t have any research evidence. Despite this, he challenges viewers to try it out. Skidmore acknowledges that only he, a diagnosed narcissist.

The riddle involves a woman meeting a man at her mother’s funeral. They hit it off, but she forgets his name and contact info. Later, she kills her sister. The question is why. Skidmore reveals the answer – she killed her sister because she thought the man might attend this funeral too, given their family connection.

Skidmore admits that the riddle’s answer seems obvious to him. His sister, who has been diagnosed with ASPD, on the other hand, took longer to respond, considering it a trick question due to its simplicity. He notes that the riddle seems to involve traits more aligned with Machiavellian thinking rather than outright psychopathy. He also shares that solving the riddle isn’t a diagnostic tool but it’s more of a thought experiment.

Comments on the post largely agree on the answer, suggesting that the woman killed her sister hoping the man would attend her funeral. Some engage in playful interpretations, while others delve into the moral implications. 

The article clarifies that psychopathy isn’t a standalone diagnosis in the current DSM. It’s been replaced by Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD), which focuses more on behavioral aspects like aggression, impulsivity, and violations of others’ rights.

The concept of psychopathy faces social and cultural stigmas. Some experts view it as a spectrum, although not everyone agrees. The field generally lacks sufficient funding and treatment, leading to an incomplete understanding of the phenomenon.

What are Psychopathy and APSD?

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