Scientists Reveal Common Supplements Could Reduce Hearing Loss!

Age-related hearing loss is something that people struggle with. However, scientists have found a way to reduce the chances of hearing loss. Researchers of the study suggest that age-related hearing loss is a result of decreasing protein in the inner ear. However, Phytosterol supplements have been shown to replace protein and prevent sensory malfunction.

Researchers from various institutions in Argentina have recently come across these findings. Their research and its incredible findings are now published in the Journal of PLOS Biology. The study is another remarkable step in tackling one of the most concerning issues!

Sensory cells in the inner ear are known to amplify sounds by changing their length. When we age, these sensory cells lose their ability to stretch in response to sound. This leads people to lose their hearing ability. cholesterol plays an essential role in creating the stretching response. The decrease in cholesterol with age also contributes to hearing loss.

The initial study was conducted on mice. The mice treated with a CYP46A1-activating drug and a three-week regimen of dietary phytosterols supported the functions in the inner ear. This treatment with supplements seems to have a long-term and lasting impact on Mice. Phytosterols are present in many over-the-counter supplements. Therefore, the research suggests that loss of hearing could be reduced with the supplements.

María Eugenia Gomez-Casati and the team at the Institute of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires-CONICET, Mauricio Martin from the Institute of Medical Research Mercedes, and Martín Ferreyra from INIMEC-CONICET-UNC, National University of Córdoba in Argentina are the pioneers in the study. The study has yet to undergo clinical studies. If succeded this could be a groundbreaking discovery.

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