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Iron Man’s Holotable is Now Real | Tony Stark’s Hologram Table transformed into a Mind-Blowing Reality.

Iron Man's Holotable is now real

If you are an Iron Man or a Marvel fan, this news will blow your mind!! The Hologram technology and the Holotable of Tony Stark in Iron Man were super exciting to many fans. People have wondered whether it’s actually possible. But it was now that anyone succeeded in making it a reality. Hacksmith Industries has done the unthinkable

The Hologram desk is so unique as it displays an image that changes according to the head movement of the viewer. The viewer can also reach, grab, and move around the hologram. The holographic images generated are so real and compelling, just like in Iron Man. The table is, without a doubt, one of the most surreal things that have ever happened


You’ll want this tech!! Full video is out now on YouTube 🔥 #ironman #marvel #engineering #techtok

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The Holotable is designed with three major components, the display, 3D scan, and 3D print. Hacksmiths included Bambu Lab  X-1 Carbon printer, Einscan HX Scanner, and a high-performance workstation PC. ZED 2 stereo camera tracks viewers’ movements and provides what viewers should be seeing

The setup has a dual display, a 50-inch 4k heavy-duty LCD touchscreen, and a 50-inch Transparent OLED screen. Software is built to perfection to bring epic effects. Leap motion control and voice control accessories provide high interactivity to the viewer. This epic innovation is now in auction at Flexispot

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