The tech industry rises to capture the world with its continuous inventions and creative developments. In the past week, many interesting stories surfaced, grasping the attention of tech experts and industry enthusiasts. As described by Tiffintech, a social media platform, here are the top 5 major stories in the tech industry.


Top 5 biggest stories in tech this past week summed up for you. Im obsessed with that plugin that creates system design diagrams 🤩 #tech #technology #technews #futuretech #learnontiktok

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Blockade Labs Introduces Sketch-to-Skybox AI Tool

Blockade Labs has exciting news for tech lovers. The recent introduction of a Sketch mode for their Skybox AI image generator. This unique tool allows you to design unique environments by drawing lines and providing a text prompt.

This mode appears with various tools and guides, giving users great control over the generation of skyboxes. A web browser can access it on larger tablets and desktop computers.

With the introduction of this feature, you can create a 360-degree scene according to your choice and then conveniently download or share it. The opportunities are such that you can choose different styles to make the world you’ve always imagined. 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman request Congress to Regulate AI

Altman appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. He revealed his hope for the positive impact of innovation on a large scale. He also repeated his previous statement, indicating the vitality of lawmakers setting proper guidelines for AI creators.

This is to make sure that the development and use of AI technology do not cause harm to the world. Altman highlighted the requirement for responsible and suitable regulation in the industry of artificial intelligence.

Release of chatGPT plugins

ChatGPT’s newest update was the introduction of initial support for plugins. These tools are created to ensure that chatGPT operates responsibly. With these, ChatGPT can find the latest information, make sums, and even obtain assistance from external providers. 

The new feature allows chatGPT to provide better and more accurate answers maintaining safety as its top priority. This makes ChatGPT more useful by making interactions with the language model even more useful and reliable.

AI tool for editing images 

The new AI tool can modify images to whatever we want. This tool has compatibility to compete with Photoshop. It can convert any sort of person, image, or animal to any shape. It can also edit the emotions displayed in the face which is a major feature.

Harnessing ChatGPT for Work Efficiency and Innovation

Many companies have started using chatGPT for work due to the efficiency of this app. This app will assist the employee and the employer to get their daily dose of work done easily. However, it is assumed that they will come up with a version of AI that can be easily used by employees.

The tech industry is currently evolving with innovations with the development of technology. The top 5 stories included in this give a glance into the rapidly changing world of technology. These discoveries make us eager to wait for what comes in the future.

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