Did your mind ever cross with ‘Can I earn money by eating food?’. You have landed in the right spot. This how-to article brings in what you need to know about earning money with ASMR eating videos. 

The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating.

John Walters

What is ASMR eating? 

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) evokes sensations in your body, such as tingling, with visuals and sounds. In ASMR eating videos or ASMR mukbang videos, eaters satisfy viewers with their eating sounds.

They also make sounds of chewing, crunching, gulping, and food visuals. These videos attract thousands of viewers obsessed with them in a short time. This will be a cool job if you have a soundproof room, microphone, camera, good food, and a flaring appetite.

Now let’s dig into the most important part – earning money from it!

Ways to earn money with ASMR eating videos

Let’s consider the best platforms to monetize ASMR eating videos.

  • Facebook

Facebook, the most popular social media platform with 2.74 billion monthly active users, enables ads in your videos. Your page should have a minimum of 10,000 followers and 600,000 minutes viewed in the last 60 days. You should also have at least 5 regular or live videos on the page.

  • Youtube

YouTube is the world’s second most popular platform, with around 122 million daily users. Once your channel completes 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you are eligible to play ads in your videos. This is through the YouTube Partner Program. What if you want to get revenue from YouTube shorts? Then you need to complete 1000 subscribers plus 10 million total views for shorts within 90 days.

It might take longer to complete those direct monetization rules, right? Don’t worry, and you can still earn money. Try branded content collaborations, sponsored ads, affiliate marketing, and selling products and merch through these platforms. Also, try growing new accounts and selling them once they reach a decent number of views and followers.


In the coming sections, we will tell you how to earn with ASMR videos on TikTok.

How much do ASMR eaters make?

Keep in mind the average ad earnings per 1000 YouTube views are around $5. Here’s a list of top ASMR food YouTubers and their revenue:

How much do ASMR eaters make?

How ASMR YouTubers make money without ads

Let’s take some real-life examples. Zach Choi’s ASMR channel earns extra money by selling their merch shirts. Bloveslife channel earns commissions when buyers use her promo codes to buy stuff. She also runs sponsored ads for food brands in her videos. Also, Some creators earn in crypto like bitcoin through ASMR videos.

You Can also ask viewers to support you through subscription services. Add links to Patreon and Kofi to your video descriptions.

Make money doing ASMR eating on TikTok

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TikTok will have 755 million users by 2022. This will also increase by 15% yearly. How would this opportunity benefit us? Go to your TikTok settings and apply for their Creator Next program. You must fulfill a set of requirements to be eligible for this program.

Your account should be at least 30 days old, have 100,000 followers, and have at least one public video posted in the last 30 days. Then you can directly receive money tips from your viewers if you set up a Stripe Account. You can also receive Video Gifts from viewers. Redeem those Video Gifts later for money with TikTok.

There’s also good news. Insider found out that TikTok now gives a higher reach for ASMR live streams than YouTube!

Final thoughts

Now you know that earning money with ASMR eating videos is possible in both the long and short run. Remembercreating quality content with consistency is the key. Set a plan, choose your monetization strategy, and start making money!  

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