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Ameca, the ‘World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot’, reveals what life will look like in 100 years

Ameca, the 'World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot', reveals what life will look like in 100 years

Engineered Arts, a startup from Cornwall, introduced Ameca, recognized as a leading humanoid robot. Ameca, known for its realistic design and conversational skills, recently shared insights about life in the next 100 years.

Ameca’s Features

Ameca’s design stands out due to its ability to converse and display various facial expressions, including winking, smiling, and even scrunching its nose. She can also speak in different accents, making her more relatable to diverse audiences.

Ameca’s Perspective on the Future

In a YouTube video, Ameca was asked about the direction humanity might take in the upcoming century. She responded with a vision of progress in areas like sustainability, equality, and technology. She also touched upon the idea of humans exploring space beyond Earth.

Reactions to Ameca’s Insights

The video generated varied responses. While many viewers resonated with Ameca’s positive perspective, others had reservations. Some found her unsettling, and a few even criticized her viewpoints. The video also led to a range of predictions from viewers, both humorous and serious.

Future Plans for Ameca

Engineered Arts has plans to develop Ameca further. They aim to improve her range of expressions, her ability to interact, and her independence. Discussions about adding walking capabilities are also underway. In a demonstration, Ameca displayed her ability to draw, sketching a cat and making a light-hearted remark about it.

In wrapping up, the path ahead remains uncertain. However, developments like Ameca offer a peek into potential futures. As technology progresses, our perception of humanity and its capabilities evolves alongside.

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Written by MSM Riham

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