Which Arm you are getting vaccinated now Matters | New study finds 

Now which Arm you are getting vaccinated matters New study finds 

Key points

  • People who got both Covid 19 vaccine shots in the same arm had a higher presence of “killer T cells” compared to those who used different arms.

When preparing for a vaccine, which arm do you typically offer? A recent study from Germany shows that this choice might have an unexpected effect on the body’s immune response.

The research, published in the eBioMedicine journal, part of The Lancet Discovery Science, Examines the vaccination experiences of roughly 300 individuals. From March to September 2021, healthcare professionals gave two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine to participants who had not contracted the virus. Participants received either one or two doses split between their arms.

Among those vaccinated in a single arm, a robust 67% demonstrated the presence of a specific set of immune cells, termed “killer T cells”. In comparison, this figure stood at a mere 43% for individuals who opted for doses in different arms.

Why this distinction in immune response, you might wonder? The study’s authors believe that targeting the same lymph nodes with sequential doses might Boost them, making immune cells ready for infections. Interestingly, this trend didn’t reflect in the context of antibodies related to the spiked protein.

“This speaks to precision vaccination in the sense that everything matters, We need to be precise about how we discover, develop and deliver vaccines,” 

Dr. Ofer Levy, a pediatric infectious disease authority from Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr. Levy, a pediatric infectious disease expert, offers insight into this research. He highlights that a variety of factors beyond age, gender, and health conditions influence individual reactions to vaccines.

Although it is a nascent study with limited sample size, its insights could be transformative. Additionally, it is important to consider the potential implications of these findings. Dr. Levy envisions a future where such findings influence broader vaccination protocols, ushering in a more refined approach. He advocates for a comprehensive strategy in vaccination, emphasizing, “From research to actual administration, precision is key.”

With the evolving dynamics of COVID-19 and global health, such research underscores the intricate details that shape our healthcare responses.

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