Google Creates New AI that offers Personal Life advice

Google’s AI team, DeepMind, is working on a big project. They’re using AI to make 21 tools that can give life advice, help plan things, and even tutor. Google DeepMind is a big part of Google’s AI work, and many are watching to see what they do next.

Here’s something exciting: Google is teaming up with Scale AI. Together, they’ve got over 100 experts with Ph.D. degrees working on this. These new tools can give advice on problems with friends or even tips about relationships. Google clearly states that these tools are not intended to replace therapy or professional help.

Remember Google’s Bard chatbot? It gives people info on mental health but stays away from giving therapy-like advice. Google learned from past mistakes. Once, a chatbot gave dangerous advice about eating issues.

People are talking a lot about whether AI should give personal advice. Doctors and rules-makers are thinking hard about this. Google’s team knows they need to keep checking their tools to make sure they’re good.

These tools might do more in the future. We could use them in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. As we wait for them to come out, the big question is: how do we use tech wisely without forgetting what makes us human?

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