What If You Didn’t Blink For A Week?

What If You Didn't Blink For A Week

Have you ever been without blinking your eyes for at least a few minutes? Imagine keeping your eyes wide open and not blinking for an entire week! You will be in so much pain and discomfort. Not just that, but your vision will also be greatly affected. However, it will make a groundbreaking story if you somehow manage to do so. Let’s take a closer look at what will happen if you go for a week without blinking!

Eyes will dry up!

Do you know how important blinking your eyes is? Well, it is not just a random reflex that your eye does. Blinking helps the eyeballs to stay lubricated and it clears dust or other particles from the eye. With no proper way to keep your eyes lubricated, your eyes will surely dry up!

It’s hard to resist your need to blink the eye. It’s simply a reflex and within a few seconds you will be battling with your own instincts to blink. Your eyeballs will start to get more and more red too. This is because of the expansion of blood vessels on the surface.

Vision Disturbed

Every time we shut our eyes a tear film is released to keep our eyeballs all smooth! You might wonder why we need a smooth eyeball. Surprisingly, the smooth surface allows light to properly focus. It helps you to keep your vision clear.

Once, the eye doesn’t get its tear film released every few seconds, dust and other particles will settle in. The surface of your eyeballs will be rough and the light approaching the eye will not be able to focus. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see clearly and your vision will be blurry. It actually gets even worse!

Image Source: Ocular Surface Center Berlin

Gritty eyes and Pain!

The dry and disturbed eyes will now be all gritty. Your eyes will fight the need to blink even more now. The pain and the discomfort will add to your frustration. If you think of going out for a walk to change things up a bit, things might get even worse. Your eyes will have no way of getting protection from the UV rays of the Sun. Not having enough protection will burn your corneas and will leave you temporarily blind for up to 48 hours!

More Eye Damage!

Additionally, our eyes get oxygen through the tear film and it protects our eyes from any infection. lack of oxygen going to your corneas. This will lead to a condition called corneal hypoxia. The urge to scratch your eyes will be even bigger with the release of mucus, oil, and skin cells. Gradual death of cells would surely lead to long-term damage!

What happens at the end of the week?

After the challenge ends up in seven days, it will not be as comfortable as you think. The week’s worth of dust and other particles will scratch your corneas! You will be in an immense level of pain and discomfort. Getting back from it will not just be easy!

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