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Telegram Stories officially launched | Here is everything you can do

Today is an exciting day for Telegram users. The messaging platform is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has rolled out a brand new feature: Telegram Stories. If you’re familiar with Instagram Stories, this will sound similar, but Telegram promises unique offerings.

What Exactly Are Telegram Stories?

Imagine wanting to share a quick video or photo with your friends on Telegram but not wanting it to stick around forever. That’s where Stories come in. You post a clip, and it’s there for a short time for your friends to see.

The big news? While it started just for some special users, now everyone on Telegram can use this feature. You can add fun stuff to your Stories, like stickers, words, and even show where you are.

Special Add-Ons for Premium Users

People who have a premium Telegram account get some extra neat features:

  • Priority Order: Your stories appear at the very top, ensuring more of your friends see them.
  • Stealth Mode: View someone’s story without them knowing.
  • View History: Check who saw your story even after it’s gone.
  • Duration Choices: Decide how long you want your story to stay up – 6, 12, or 48 hours.
  • Save Feature: Found a fun story? Save it straight to your gallery.
  • Extended Captions: Write longer captions and even add links.
  • Share More: Have a lot to share? Post up to 100 stories in a day.

Your Privacy Matters

Privacy is a hallmark of Telegram. With Stories, you can select who gets to see your content. And if you’re worried about screenshots, there’s an option to turn that off.

As Telegram turns 10, this new Stories feature signifies its commitment to adapt and evolve. Whether you’re a casual user or a superfan, this update brings a fresh twist to the platform.

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Written by MSM Riham

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